Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mother Moon

With the smell of sage intermingled with smoke in the humid Darwin night,
the Lady Luna rose above and filled my heart with light. 
She rose up round and silver, beautiful and old, 
and with her came the magic that shone glittering and bold. 

With her she bought the Mother Moon, wiser, and mature, 
So softly sank the maiden as she felt herself be lured. 
The world was somehow quieter, reflective, soft and clear, 
inviting primal instinct and dispelling all the fear. 

I dropped my piece of amethyst into my bowl of water
and watched the reflection of the moon ripple, swirl and falter. 
I gazed upon that bowl of light and was reminded as it is so
that everything here on Earth is reflected 
'As above, so below'.

It took me to the headland where I sat in a gentle breeze
underneath the pine trees with grass stains on my knees. 
The smell of salt was heady, in that all too familiar place
I stared out into the night into the vast and dazzling space. 
For the moon's light fell and shimmered out there on the sea,
and I heard the waves come crashing and felt centered and serene. 
There is nothing that sets my heart a-flutter 
quite like the moon over the ocean blue, 
my mind I let it wander and then suddenly I knew. 

This vision so dreamy and vivid was a reminder of my goal, 
I wanted to be home again with all of my heart and soul. 
The amethyst has helped me see my intention and unveiled it in the night;
I fear that it was becoming lost and I was giving up the fight. 
I sipped from that bowl of water and felt the moon glow fill me up,
her energy and power refilling my empty cup. 
I dabbed some over my warm skin, then poured the rest into the grass, 
and said a little blessing giving it back to the Earth, 
my meditation over and my heart at peace at last. 

So thank you, Mother Moon, for helping me find my way, 
if it weren't for the damn mosquitoes I'd have happily had stayed. 

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