Saturday, 12 March 2016

My Restorer Stones

 I took a guided meditation this morning to find my restorer stone, the stone that will bring life back to me when I'm feeling flat, the stone that will energise me and restore my usual equilibrium when I need to reset. I was surprised to find I actually have three! Rose quartz, clear quartz, and orange calcite. Rose quartz felt warm in my hands when I picked them out of the freezing clear azure stream in the woods; the clear quartz appeared like a perfect shard of ice that glittered and shone like moonlight over the ocean at night, and the orange calcite glowed like the sun casting shimmering little rainbows around me. I held all three in my hands and knew I would have three restorers. Feeling a special connection to these crystals led me to get out my paper and pencils and sketch them out. I haven't included a photo of the finished drawing because it still needs a little work but I hope you'll enjoy some of my progress photos. No that's not a shot of vodka, it's just my watercolour paint water.

Or is it?


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