Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The concept of happy

I said things contrary to what my intuition was telling me last night. I don't want to portray myself as a victim anymore. I don't know why I put myself down like that, I regret it now. I'm so aware that my thoughts and words have strength beyond measure. Immediately I felt my vibrational shift and I didn't like it, not when I've worked so hard. I realise now that I said those things to make myself appear vulnerable to another person possibly because I was angling for a certain action or response. I don't ever want to lessen myself for the sake of someone else, not ever! Why would I put my heart and soul into strengthening my intuitive voice only to ignore it. 

Anyway one situation does not mean that my foundations come crumbling down. I feel like it's a lesson and I will take away from it this: 

"How are we truly able to know the strength of our resolve until it has been tested" 

It's all well and good to say we feel something, or are going to do something but until we actually go through with our promises to ourselves and put ourselves to the test how can we know if we've succeeded? 

Today I want to focus on lifting my Universal vibration and lifting my mood. It's obvious I still feel self doubt and that's ok, that's human, but I can't allow it to take too firm of a grip. Now now. Not today. Doubt can't shake down my foundations but it has the capabilities to do so if too much energy is put into it. 
I am worthy of joy. 

I'm beginning to understand the concept of positivity. It's more than the desire to be happy (although that is a step in the right direction) it's the act of feeling it deep within and letting it radiate out into the things we do and say. It's having the courage to face the demons, to dredge up the gunky stuff, and to acknowledge ourselves as we really are, and then being totally and utterly ok with that. 

Is this what it is means to be true to yourself? 


  1. You're amazing and I adore you. I love reading your musings. Seriously, we're on the same wave length. <3

    1. You're my vibrational match! I bet our higher selves sent us to one another :)


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