Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Just keep hookin'

Yes I've been hooking! Over the past 4 weeks I've made the most part of a virus shawl, a number of pairs of booties, a beanie for a friend, a blanket for my lounge and a self-striping ribbed scarf which is currently my mobile bag project. It's all part of 'keeping my emotional bucket filled'. You know, do things that bring you joy and shit *ha!* But seriously, I'd be mad not to use my crocheting as a way of winding down. It's been my evening pass time while binge watching Rake on the nights that I don't go to bed at 8pm. I've been told by a very insistent friend (you know who you are) that I need to start watching Wentworth because I'm missing out so I guess that will be next after I finish season four of my current series. Does ABC produce some of the best Aussie drama/comedies ever? I believe the answer is yes. Yes it does.


  1. I love those colours in the scarf. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way

    1. Thank you my wonderful friend <3 I hope you've been holding up well, we've barely been in touch lately xx


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