Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The petrol station girl

Today I waited to buy a drink and a chocolate at a petrol station in Heatherbrae. It was overcast outside, it was beginning to rain, the wind was cold. I'd wandered in to go the bathroom, and to get a much needed sugar hit before continuing on our way. The cashier asked me a question, something about flybuys, or reward points of some kind, and I barely responded, looking down and feeling pretty down as well. Then I looked up and there was this beautiful person standing there smiling at me. I instantly responded to her smile and felt my spirits lift. I suddenly wanted to make sure I acknowledged her so I smiled back. She wished me well on the rest of my journey and it was honestly just what I needed right then are there. It wasn't fake. Whatever had encouraged her good mood had consequently encouraged mine. When you emanate genuine kindness and concern other people see it. When you give off negativity it's the same. I experienced both kinds today. One moment left me with a happy if not fleeting memory and the other more prolonged experience left me feeling small, insignificant and deflated. Unfortunately the moment wasn't enough to outweigh the length of time that followed but nonetheless I'm grateful for that moment of human kindness. It was enough to remind me that many people meet us for the first time and reach their own conclusions in life and there isn't much we can do to change how we are perceived, but we do have control over something more important, and that is how we choose to reflect the feelings shown to us onto others. Be the reason someone smiles, don't be the cause of emotional bruises. It might not take the place of pain, but it's always a better option not to cause more pain don't you think?

Just try to put some genuine kindness into your words and into your eyes when you meet a stranger as you are bound to sometime this week. Into a simple 'hello', into a simple 'how are you?', into a simple 'you look fabulous today'. And don't worry about the reaction of the other person, your words may affect them more greatly then you know. You can never be too trusting, there is no such thing as too kind. It's the hardest thing to do when it feels like no one notices your efforts but the important thing is that you remain true to yourself.

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