Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Adventures in watercolour

My pass time since Sunday has been painting along with Youtube watercolour painting tutorials. I've learnt a fair amount about the treachery of watercolour paint... believe me, they can be a real bitch to use. I'm not going to tell you how many I fucked up, scrunched up and threw on the floor. But on the whole the experience was relaxing and I think I've come up with some satisfactory sketches and little art pieces. Behold! The fruits of my labour. What shall I do with them? No idea. Most likely add them to the pile of random skills I possess but have no clue what to do with. You'll notice some Christmas-y ones in there... I'm playing around with some designs to possible print into cards this year, and a few new vectors for the good 'ole bloggity blog. I do know roughly how to DIY vectors and I'll admit that the idea of creating a few sets for sale on Etsy has crossed my mind a few times but I worry that the quality won't be high enough. I'm sure there's a Youtube tutorial on that, or a 'how to for dummies' book somewhere.

So I've had a fabulous day so far despite the tail end of this bloody cold. I had an appointment up at the old hospital this morning that I wandered up to, it's a nice walk up that way, then grabbed myself a coffee from the mobile coffee van (bless mobile vans), then figured I was hungry so headed over to Bel's Bakery for a tasty pie to shove into my face, and after I'd acquired pie I donned the headphones and walked home. Good stuff... and nice to get out and about! Ollie's toys arrived today, too, so he's got something to play with that isn't my hair. Not that I mind him hanging out on the back of my neck but it freakin' tickles.  

Oh... and I'm now officially inked. Check it out, peeps! And no, it didn't hurt. I'm already planning my next one! 

I need a coffee so I'll leave my rambling at that for today, and I hope whatever you do today you enjoy it and take a few moments to chillax. 

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