Sunday, 4 September 2016

Damnit, Mercury!

Mercury is in Virgo and is in retrograde this month…the perfect combination for chaos! 

Virgo is all about efficiency, routine, lifestyle, organisation…. Basically getting your shit done and getting your shit together. Mercury being in retrograde means mistakes, changes, revisitation, transformation, and of course it brings with it blocks to communication and all that entails. Writing, speaking, texting, calling, tweeting, human interactions of all kinds, the whole lot. It's a bit juxtaposed if you ask me; I'm not a fan of celestially induced crazy. But the more you know, the more you can prepare yourself right?! I read online that now is a good time to revisit the things that still get you stuck in place, re-do that which needs re-working, reflect on how you went about things in the past and how that might influence how you go about things in the future. I see the word 'change' and think 'ARRRRRRRRG!!!!!!!!' as I'm sure many other people do but no great changes happen without some kind of great event or circumstance that leads to a revelation and in turn leads us to metamorphosis. I know for me personally this month brings big things, things that I am perhaps not looking forward to but must learn to accept and be flexible with. The  tarot card I drew back in January for the month of September is Four of Pentacles and guess what that's all about? Holding on too tightly to that which we treasure for fear of losing it but in doing so we hold ourselves captive, forever in place, forever clinging on and unwilling to share the spoils. In all honesty when I drew that card for this month I feared it. It's one of those 'uh oh' cards in the tarot for me, oddly not the usual 'Death' or 'Tower' cards that most people fear (those cards are really not that scary, guys…. Trust me!) but then I just have to remind myself that the tarot is a guide and here to gently (most of the time) nudge us back on track and not in any way there to ignite fear or dread. I suppose more specifically I fear what it's predicting for this month… in the other cards for this year they've been accurate representations of the combined events and lessons of each month. It's not until afterward that I'm able to look back at the card for that month and see what it meant. Then it's a big 'PING!' lightbulb moment. Not really one for wanting to delve too far into my future, I've chosen not to delve into the following weeks and will just let the cards fall where they may so to speak.

 Confusing much! Thanks, Merc. I also read it's normal to feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do this month and that the best way to combat that is just to hit the tasks head on and do them. You can't control everything, but you can control how you feel to keep those tasks from completely swallowing you up. Mend the moment, as my psych would say!

The absolute greatest thing to keep in mind thought is that this all happens for a reason and whatever does happen will be necessary for our transformations and necessary for our soul's paths. You know that little niggling feeling you get when you've forgotten something or are avoiding something? That's your intuition trying to get your attention.

Just make sure you wash up the night before, listen to the little niggle when it's trying to tell you not to put that thing off any longer, expect technological glitches… they're gonna happen. You're going to find yourself wanting to take short cuts in your usual routine… don't. Again avoid the chaos! Make lists, keep records, write that idea down, and remember that there are still the same number of hours in the day and there is plenty of time to do what you need to do. Don't sweat the small stuff. 

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