Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Handmade Smudging Wand

You should know by now that I won't buy what I can make myself. especially when it comes to personal items such as smudging wands, tarot pouches, and crystal hammocks. I'd been collecting my materials for this for such a long time now that on the eve of the Aries Super Moon I brought them all together and came up with this. 
The feathers are a combination of artificially coloured purple rooster tail (purple is my colour), natural pheasant tail, and mallard duck plumage. For the wand itself I've used a dried length of bamboo. I would have preferred willow branch but not wanting to order it online, I couldn't find any where I live. It's bound with brown leather cord, and has a larger crystal quartz generator and two smaller pieces to amplify it, plus a small amethyst chip. Overall I'm happy with the end result, it's been left under the full moon with my crystals and tarot decks so everything is now on the same vibrational level. I look forward to using it in my first ritual cleansing! 


  1. Tasha!! This is so incredible! I love how talented you are lovely. It was so cool to read about your process <3

    1. Thank you sweet pea! I looked at some different designs on Pinterest for inspiration and to get an idea of how to do it, then went for it! :D


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