Thursday, 13 October 2016

King of Wands, The Full Moon, and Aries.

This morning I posted on my personal Facebook page this:
Wait? The upcoming full moon is going to be in Aries?! Well that explains everything. King of Wands this month and a full moon in Aries... why am I not feeling more motivated?
I had a couple of friends ask me to explain what I meant, so here I am! I'm no astrologer, and I don't claim to have a great wealth of knowledge on this but I know enough about divining with the tarot, crystal lore, the lunar phases, and the signs to know when it is affecting me. And it always does! Synchronicity is no joke, people. I am one of those hippy people who believes that everything is pre-written in the stars, everything is precisely where it should be, and we're all on the journey of self discovery. It all came crashing down on me when I picked up my first tarot deck and it understood me to my core and shook my life upside up down. Then everything else just came flooding over me like a big-assed wave of spiritual awareness. That first deck (Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot by the way) still brings me a perfect state of calm. The smell of them is familiar, the cool buzzing feel of them in my hands still excites me. But probably the most significant thing about them is how they always, always, always speak the truth and tell me exactly what I need to know. Every time. My other decks can sometimes be temperamental, I find I outgrow one or two, or I use them specifically for different purposes, I find myself having to 'reset' them and constantly keep them cleansed. But not my angel cards. I won't cleanse them.... they have part of my soul I have part of theirs. 

So this is what's going on with me right now in relation the card I pulled for the month of October when I did my year-ahead spread back in January, the upcoming full moon in Aries, and my own personal experiences and feelings at the moment. If anything has been made abundantly clear, it's like although my shadow side has lay back dormant in the dark, it's certainly made itself known lately and I find myself oddly at war with myself. I've always fought with it, as you do. The point is to embrace it and work with it but I haven't gotten there yet. I'm Aries.... I don't do moderation haha Polar opposites, the yin and yang, mastering your feminine and masculine, aligning your sun and moon. Got the jist of it?  Just as every planet and the sun moves through a constellation, as does the moon.This upcoming full moon is a super full moon. The sun is in Libra, so I think the polar opposite means we're facing both our character and our essence being, against the moon which is our emotional aspect. Shadow and Light. Typically shadow work is done on the new, or dark, moon. That's also the time I usually notice it more prominently, but not this time. This lunar cycle my shadow self is out in full light and quite frankly I'm not sure how I feel about that. I know what it's like, and there's a reason I don't often let it out to play. 

The full moon is all about new beginnings, setting new intentions, it's abundance, fertility. I like to cleanse my crystals at this time, and I also like to make a little full moon quartz elixir and really draw down the watery silver magic into myself. With the moon being in the sign of Aries, the warrior, and the first of the zodiac houses (and also moi sun sign), it means that the energy is HIGH to just get the fuck out there and do stuff. Us Arians are loads of fun with our spontaneity, passions, and fiery natures so this particular time feels extra energetic for us. 
That's fine, the rub comes in when you look at my card for the month which is the King of Wands. Oh gosh, TOO MUCH FIRE! Wands in tarot = element of fire = energy, the 'spark'. At the moment it just feels like too much pressure and is presenting itself as high anxiety and hot temper. I'm supposed to look forward to the challenges rather than fear them this month, as an Aries ram should but I'm just feeling too much heat, too much energy. 

The King of Wands is very sure of himself. He is the king of his suit, so if we look at the page as being young and foolhardy, kind of an idiot, and not really sure what he's doing, the king is the Jedi master. He's a natural born leader and he gets things done because he is able to set a goal and make the world bend to his ideals to get what he wants. He is clear about his direction and intentions. He has the ability to bring out the best in others but can get a little ahead of himself in his expectations. This means that this month I have been given the King of Wands as a guide, and should take on his nature. Great! Awesome! Fucking amazeballs... I'm going to rock, and be the picture of bad ass. But nope. It's not feeling like that at all. This should be perfect for me, this should be the bread to my honey, I should be on spiritual fire. Not yet anyway. That pesky Libra sun opposite the Aries moon, and so the shadow to my light, is lurking around going 'uh uh, honey, you're feeling too indecisive to do any of that MUWAHAHAHAHA'. Bitch. 

No, I'm kidding. Sorry Libra. My Aries spark has been a bit snuffed this week, it's still there, but it's a real effort to keep it alight. 
PLUS I'm a full-moon-bleeder. I'm not sorry about the phrasing, periods are a highly intuitive and feminine time and tough shit if you don't like that so already BAM hot temper and PMS ON MOTHERFUCKING STEROIDS! At the beginning of the year I was menstruating on the new moon, but it's since shifted to the full. I think that's actually kind of special. It's another little thing that just lets me know I'm a daughter of the moon and stars. It's highly reaffirming for me.

Now, if I wanted to enhance my fire I'd go for stones like carnelian, my 'just go fucking do it' go-to crystal. But right now, uh uh. No way. Not needed. Right now what I need is some aquamarine and smokey quartz. The aquamarine to cool me off, and the smokey quartz to keep my feet on the ground. If I wanted to get some wind under my wings I'd go for the air element stones, all the purples, blues, whites. Selenite, tanzanite, angelite, celestite, amethyst, ametrine. And perhaps that's what I need? I haven't had much of a chance to really sit down and let all of this sink in until tonight. 
Looooong story short is that I'm feeling tired, listless, unmotivated and totally UN-Arian and it's annoying me that I seem to be missing out on what should be the perfect time for me to shine. I could be holding myself up to my too-high expectations again and need to take it down a notch but I'm struggling. 

I do have a weekend off starting tomorrow night, and I get the feeling that whatever it is that I'm not seeing is going to present itself to me. I need to go to the water, so I'll be heading off to the beach to sit and contemplate stuff. Cool my heels. Literally. If you want to read more about this October full moon and what it means there is a good site HERE. Assertiveness, rebellion, a bit of self-care, some self-improvement, and oh, what's that? Go find a passionate relationship? Oh, sure! I'll just pull one out of my magic carpet bag here... I'm kidding. go read it. 

Does that help answer your questions a little? I'm sorry it's a bit muddled up and very long, I get carried away talking about the woo-woo stuff.... it makes me intrinsically happy. 


  1. I was a full moon bleeder for a while, a really long while actually but it has recently shifted and has no connection to the moon. Which actually makes me a little sad, I found it quite fitting to bleed with the full moon. Sending you lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

    1. Don't be sad, just know that it happened at that time for a reason. Your connection with the divine feminine was particularly strong then, it will happen again :)


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