Thursday, 13 October 2016

Richard the Green Crochet Pattern

Richard the Green 
Crochet Pattern by Of Crochet and Life

I know someone who could do with some cheering up at the moment so knowing that they also crochet, and that they also like odd little critters (me included I think) I made up this freaky fellow to send as a surprise. Given how simple Richard is I've written up the pattern for you. He really isn't very complex as far as amigurumi is concerned and given that my brain hasn't been functioning at full capacity lately he was simple for me too. You can thank Ani for the name. I put it to my friends and hers made me giggle.

3.5mm hook
Aussie 8ply (American sport)
Working in continuous round
Repeat between **
sc2tog = decrease
st = stitch
sc = single crochet
mc = magic circle

mc ch 1 sc6 into ring
2 sc in each st around
*2sc, 1 sc in next*
*1 sc in next 2, 2 in next*
*1 in next 3, 2 in next*
*1 in next 4, 2 in next*
1 sc in each st around for 6 rounds
*1 sc in next 3, sc2tog*
1 sc around
*1 sc in next 2, sc2tog*
*1 sc, sc2tog*
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing

Feet (make two)
With grey
mc ch 1, 5 sc into ring
2 sc in each around
*1 sc, 2 next*
*1 sc in next 2, 2 in next*
1 sc in each st around for 2 rounds
Tie off.

Attach green in any st, 1 sc in each around
*sc in next 2, sc2teg*
1 sc in each st around for 3 rounds
Finish off

Attach green to other foot and repeat above but do not finish off

Hold the legs together as shown and sc both sides together. Sc in next st in the same way. sc around the top of both legs.
Continuing in rounds...
sc in each st around for 4 rounds
sc in next 3, sc2tog, sc in next 12, sc2tog, sc in 6
*sc next 4, sc2tog*
*sc next 3, sc2tog*
Tell the legs to get stuffed.
I mean stuff the legs.

sc around for 4 rounds
Tie off

Stitch on details before attaching head to body. Use the photos as a reference or get creative with your own designs.

Eye Patch
sc 2, 11 hdc into 2nd st from hook. Tie off

Arms Make two
mc 6sc
2sc in ea st
sc around for 2 rounds
sc2tog, sc in next 10
sc around for 3 rounds
Add a little stuffing to the bottom of the arm leaving the top unstuffed
Fold the opening in half and sc the two halves together
Ch 1, turn, sc across. Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing

Position arms two rows down from the neck of the body and sew into place.

Attach the head on an angle if you like, I did. It's awesome.

Cut out a little blood spatter and pin the heart onto his chest. I've attached mine with hot glue and pushed the pins in so they should hold. Do NOT give it a child if you use pointy things, for the love of Zeus!

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