Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Planning to plan

I've decided that the 2017 Leonie Dawson planner just isn't going to work for me. I adored the 2016 one but the changes the new one just aren't making my soul happy. So I've decided I'm going to give bullet journalling a try! I do have a shit ton of washi tape and about a thousand blank journals because I am a stationary bowerbird, so why not? Thing is though I've looked up the original Ryder Carroll system and while it seems to be simple enough, I don't trust myself to create something that isn't pre-lined, ruled, labelled and dated.Typically I end up jotting down whatever it is I need to do on a piece of paper when needed, I am definitely a 'get it down fast' kind of gal, but that also means I get left with a list of tasks without priority, and often little things get lost in the ether. I'm also very much a perfectionist and don't want to find myself stuffing up a tiny little thing and having to abandon a whole journal as a result. I know that this will be a challenge in focusing on the CHANGE I want to see, and the planning for action aspect rather than having the perfectly symmetrical, beautiful font-filled, coordinated washi tape to pen colour, journal. I also know that just taking a damn empty book and a plain black felt tip pen and DOING it right here and now won't satisfy me at all. Damnit.

2016 was the first year I actually did use a planner the whole way through and I was amazed at how transformative it was. I was a bit disappointed that it became more of a place of record the essentials rather than for scheduling in making those workbook dreams come true, but I did the best I could at the time. Keeping track of appointments and important meetings, paperwork, forms, coffee dates etc are certainly not any less important by any measure...that's just life! It happens, you kind of just have to roll with it. But there was DEFINITELY a fair deal of wasted (or mismanaged) time that I could have used to reach my goals. That's where the change needs to be in 2017 I feel. I'm a HUGE step closer to having the life I want and I deserve to congratulate myself on being where I am right this very second. On my own couch, in my own home, on a beautiful Summer's day with my laptop before me, in control of my life, and with a world of possibilities ahead of me. I believe bullet journalling is going to help me continue along on my merry little way.

The only issue I have is that I don't often have time to sit down and do each month, week, day, as it happens so for this to work I would need to create the entire thing ready to go for next year within the next few days. I'm still decided whether I want to dedicate my time to that, but the idea of packing up my bundle of stuff and plonking myself down in a corner booth at McDonald's for a couple of hours with endless coffee and cake does sound like a pretty tempting idea. Of course staying home would do just as well, I have coffee here, but being centered in an environment out of the house might mean I'll get less distracted to do something else. That's the trouble with having free time! Oodles of pressure (from myself of course) to do everything all at once instead of just letting myself breathe, chill, and coast.


Maybe I'll start with a shower and see where my morning takes me. I'll check in tomorrow with an update on my BuJo! Let's see what I end up doing.

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