Sunday, 31 December 2017

On the eve of 2018

Well here we are again, the last day of the year. I'm not entirely sure where 2017 went, has anyone checked behind the refrigerator? There may be a few missed months hiding back there. What a year it was!! Lots of endings, lots of new beginnings, lots of lessons. The biggest thing to come to a conclusion was the custody arrangements and court issues mid-year; I don't know that I feel at peace with that, but it is what it is, and I'm grateful for many things that came from it. Mental health wise it was a good year, I've definitely learnt that I'm more than capable of doing this on my own. Having our own place for a full 12 months has made a HUGE difference to our's been so easy to walk anywhere from here, and with the bus stop just out the front we have that option available at all times. The knowledge that family is so close when they're needed has been such a comfort and I really can't say how grateful I am to my father for dropping in a carton of milk occasionally, and being able to leave work and come to our rescue when the unexpected happens... such as L pushing his tooth back jumping on the lounge, and Bryce chipping his on the front step. My boys are certainly boisterous and always on the go!
Creatively this was an amazing year for loose watercolour painting, and I really want to extend a thank you to Andrew Geeson for the incredible free resources he provides for us. I'd never have been able to get loose without him and the gang!
My love life was a bit of a rollercoaster this year, I don't really know if you could call it a love life, but a rollercoaster it was! It's ok, you know? I feel like self confidence is so much higher after getting out there and meeting new people. I can't expect to find 'The One' in the first year out in the single world, I have a life ahead of me and who know what's in store for me! But I am thankfully for the people and experiences of 2017, as always they either bought a blessing or a lesson. And hey, I've picked up a few friends along the way and that's pretty great!
Parenting-wise I managed to accomplish a few things I'd set out to do this year, such as toilet training L, getting rid of his dummy, and night toilet training. L has spent an entire year at daycare which I'm really proud of, he's been loving it. B has moved from his cot to a big boy bed and they both share a room now which has made night times easier ten fold! Having one room to return all the toys to at the end of the day is awesome, too. Just close the door and voila! Heh heh
I've also had a number of amazing adventures this year; putt putt golfing, fine dining, a fabulous musical production, a handful of trips to the movies, the joy of delivery pizzas, coffee and play time during the week at Maccas playground, nighttime Kmart trips (Hey, they're fun ok? Don't you judge me). Looking back over my list something seem so average and every day, but I obviously wrote them down at the beginning of the year for a reason and it means something to me that I completed most of them. I know that this year I'll take a different approach to my 100 Things list, you'll see when I share that in a future post. There are things I definitely achieved this year that weren't on my list, overall though I think I should be proud of myself.

Here's my list from 2017! Complete with slober and scribbles from B. I've blocked a couple out for personal reasons, obviously there are things you don't need to (or want to) know.

Over the past couple of days I've been working on filling in my 2018 Life Workbook which I ended up getting a digital copy of from {Leonie Dawson}for $10. I'd forgotten I could get the digital version!! MUCH more affordable, and I'm so glad I was able to get it for the third year running. It really has been such an incredible positive and affirming thing to have throughout the year and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get their shit together and achieve the things they want!

Looking back over my blog posts it seems between 2014 and 2017 I only make 50-odd posts in a year, that works out to nearly one a week on average. I definitely want to up that number in 2018, and up the content, and the videos, and the updates, and the everything!! After all, one of the things on the list was to make that renewal fee worth it!

My tarot theme for next year is Death, and I'll talk about that in another post. I will do my year ahead reading over the next fortnight at some point and will blog that.

So here's to a new fantabulous year! Some kickass things happening in 2017, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of that in the new year.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

A completely uninteresting to anyone else before and after room-clean post

Wasn't that riveting? ;)

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Garden diary

Hello blog! Guess what? I got some seeds, some soil, and a tomato plant and I've been growing my own little kitchen garden! I started it about a week ago and so far my tomato plant has started to fruit, and my dill and basil have sprouted! I'm very excited about this, I'd always put gardening in the 'too hard' basket. But honestly why not try and grow my favourite herbs? I don't tend to buy them fresh because of the expense. And I ALWAYS have tomatoes in the fridge, homegrown are even better. Although keeping the hornets from destroying my plant will be a challenge, anyone got any tips for that?
My sunflowers are growing beautifully as well. I've staked one of them as it's getting quite tall now. Checking the undersides of leaves for caterpillars is becoming a morning routine, a friend told me leftover coffee pod granules sprinkled around the plant should deter bugs. Really hoping that does the trick. I'm still waiting on parsley to sprout, all the storms, cooler weather, and heavy rains kicked in not long after I planted them so they may just be reluctant. What they need is a few days of warmth.

And since the sun was finally out I figured I'd get all my makeup brushes washed and out to dry in the warmth.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

2017 Gingerbread House

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Project Pan #2 - December

Hello hello and welcome to the second post in my Project Pan. Over the past month since starting this I've definitely learnt a few things about application, and also about the products I've been using. So let's just jump in and see what progress I've made over the past 4 weeks.

1. Primer - e.l.f Poreless Face Primer and BYS Luminizing Foundation Primer
I've been using mostly the poreless face primer but have been substituting in my Ordinary High Adherence Silicone primer here and there simply because that shit is good. I continued with the double priming for a few days but I've found as the weather is heating up it's just making my face too slippy for foundation to sit well on top of. I've also noticed that the BYS has a slight grit to it which I'm not enjoying.
Still have no idea how much is in here! Guess I just go til it's empty

2. Foundation - MUD Flawless Finish in soft beige. Still just chugging along with this one! I've made some good progress this month, and it's not a chore because I actually like this stuff. I've been applying it with the selfie-ready blurring foundation brush by e.l.f and really enjoying it. This is the first brush I've found that actually works with foundation, so I got two! Albeit I ordered two by accident but shush. The line has worn off but you can still kinda see where I started.

The level is below the product label now! Yay
3. Colour Correct - BYS Conceal and Correct. Hit pan on both shades! BOOM! I'm finding that using this stuff with a stippling brush is better than using fingers because it is rather waxy. I've started using one of the others shades on my darker purple areas too and it has been making a difference. I won't buy this palette again once it's finished.
4. Contour - MUD Defining Contour and Highlight. Truth be told I haven't been using this very often this month. I've been too lazy to contour AND bronze so I've been 'brontouring' instead. I'm finding this bronzer too reddish for my skin so I've actually been using W7 'The Bronzer'. Pretty good for $5! I'll continue to try and pan this one, though.
5. Brows - L.A Girl Inspiring Brow Kit. Still using it! Still love it. Still prefer powder over a pencil. This is gonna be harder to pan though since the great de-potting accident of last month. See what I mean? If you want to see the post where my brow powders got somewhat messy you can find that {HERE}
6. Powder - Covergirl Loose Powder in 110 Translucent Light. Truth be told I've not been using this very often. I'm struggling with the glittery-ness of it! And why are all Covergirl products that pinky brown tone?
7. Blush - L'Oreal Paris in 90 Luminous Rose. You know what? I don't actually like this shade after all. But I'm going to continue to pan it. It's just lighter than my natural flush and looks a bit odd with my medium coverage foundation.

8. Highlight - Mermaid Salon Tokyo Lights. Struggling!!! SO chunky and glittery after using the W7 Glocomotion (again... $5). But I've made a teeny tiny dent. If I do my face today I'll throw it on again. I don't know that I'll bother though because a) I'm super fucking tired b) the kids are super fucking tired c) I have a to do list longer than my arm.

9. Bronzer - BH Floral Blush in Bahama Bronze. It's a tad dark on me. How can I be fair with a yellowy pink olive-ish tan?! How the fuck is that even a thing? I can mix it with a bit of powder before applying it but I'm going to take it out of the project.

10. Lips - Rimmel Stay Glossy in 260 My Eternity. Yep.. I've forgotten to use most days but I've chucked it in my bag so maybe that will help?     

11. Concealer - Rimmel Wake Me Up in very fair/light. Still using it, still love it. There seems to be plenty in there still, I haven't started scraping the sides yet. It looks empty here with a torch shone under it but there's still enough in there for another month I think.
12. Setting Spray - Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day in Cucumber. I feel like I'm making good progress on this stuff. The smell is just so damn strong! 
 And I've also got some empties to include this month! Mostly hair stuff... I'm using up the random bits of shampoo and conditioner left in the cupboard right now so I've got a shampoo empty. I'd buy it again if it was on special, it smells really nice. Heat protect stuff I got for $3.95 or something like that a while back, I don't know that it really did anything. My hair is kinda dry anyway so it's hard to tell. The Argan Oil mask I'll get again if they still have it at the Reject Shop ($4, can't really complain about that). I was using it in lieu of conditioner once a week and I definitely noticed it helped with my dry as fuck hair. I don't even use heat on it that often, it's just naturally coarse. Can you believe I finished two lip balms down to the last little bit stuck in the plastic windy-thing before losing them?! I know, right?! I think between Lip Smackers and Chapstick the top pick trophy goes to Lip Smackers. Who doesn't love all those freaking awesome flavours?! I have a cotton candy one in my handbag at the moment and not gonna lie, it's delicious. And lastly the Ponds Professional day cream. If it comes up again at Cosmetic Capitol I'll be snaffling it up. By far the best moisturiser I've used on my skin, so damn light, and it's just brilliant. I use the Ponds night cream and it's just as brilliant. I'm using a Palmer's Cocoa Butter Eventone one now and while it is evening out my skin tone, the texture is not my favourite and it has a little sunscreen in it which my skin really does not like.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Crochet blanket progress

Yes... there is a photo of crochet on my crochet blog! I realise it's been a while, SSSSSHHHHHH mkay?

Jokes aside I've had a note in my planner to upload this pic for, oh, around a month now. And really for something that takes two seconds to photograph and upload I've just been exceptionally lazy about it. This blanket I've been working on in stages over the course of the year... just in bits and pieces here and there, no concentrated effort to finish it. I wasn't really sure how big I was aiming for it to be but having laid it out on my bed I think i'll add a few more rounds to make a comfortable fit on my queen bed. Then it's just the bazillion ends to sew in which may take me until next winter anyway.

That's it, that's all I came on to say. Nothing much else worth noting is really going on today... it's a Saturday, I'm alone, nothing planned, the weather is being ridiculous, and I've spent the better part of my morning pacing around the house listening to The Eagles wondering what to do with my day off. Extremely counterproductive of me, isn't it? Ha. Methinks I'll meander down to the Thai restaurant and get myself a lunch special, then settle down with a movie or something. Or pace some more while eating Thai food. That's always an option too ;)

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Watercolour Galaxy Feathers ~ Video Tutorial

If you know me you'll know I don't do so well at planning things, instead I'm a bit spontaneous in what I blog about and my topics can be all over the place! Well, yesterday I sent up my camera in my kitchen and between doing my usual day to day stuff I filmed a video on how I paint watercolour galaxy feathers. It took me the better part of the day waiting for the videos to transfer off my SD card, then to upload into movie maker, and then to save, and then again to encode it to fit within the measly 100MB that Blogger allows for non-hosted videos. I FINALLY got it ready late last night and here I am today to publish it :-) I had to sacrifice A LOT of quality to get it within the limits and it's hurting my efforts, I'm seriously considering starting a Youtube to host these sorts of things on but I haven't quite been brave enough to take the leap yet. Would you watch me? 

Anyhoo, I don't have a proper mic so for the time being videos recording on my DSLR and then at x2 speed is the way to go. I hope you can follow along if you choose to give it a go! I like doing these quick little things if only for my own purposes; the reason I have this blog is mostly for myself anyway. So I can look back and see what I got up to in future, since I have the memory span of a goldfish these days! Plus it's a nice learning curve for me, I like knowing how to do things. Nothing specifically, just things. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Sewing project - brush roll

A few flowers blooming in my backyard right now.  The frangipanis smell divine! 

"See a need, fill a need!" I got sick of my brushes getting covered in dust sitting upright in their little jar so I decided to use the fabric I've had stashed for years and whip up a brush roll. Et Voila! It took me about an hour or so all up, I don't sew very often so I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Paintings from the past week

It's been a Christmas-y themed past few days in my painting, with a little aura borealis thrown in for good measure. I go through phases of enjoying my Winsor Newton pans and Mont Marte tubes. I get a better pigment from the WN but I love the ease of tubes. It's why I alternate between the two! 
Free Tutorial by {The Frugal Crafter
Free Tutorial by {Andrew Geeson}

Free Tutorial by {Andrew Geeson}
Just something I came up with 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Dragonfly Details {Worldless Wednesday}

dragonfly photography

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tasha's Top 5 Favourite Christmas Card Tutorials

Helloooo again people of the blogosphere! How are we all? How are those Christmas plans coming long? Oh, mine? They aren't, really, but I hoped that this might kick start me into the Xmas spirit. What I have for you in this post is a roundup of the best 5 Youtube watercolour Christmas card tutorials that I've personally tried and tested! I'll list those below along with the examples of my own work I'm a fan of anything that looks effective and is fast so there isn't anything here that's too detailed or complicated. I was able to make these over two day's worth of child nap periods (which thankfully they both still do! Mumma needs her craft/reading/painting/alone/nap time)
You can make them all with:
  • watercolour paper of any weight (I'm using an A3 Arches 300gsm sheet torn down to smaller pieces)
  • watercolour paints (do the kids have a basic watercolour pan somewhere? They work!)
  • a black and/or white felt tip pen. If you don't have a white gel pen and want to add in any white, try using a white acrylic instead. 
  • handful of different sized brushes. You could probably do them all with one sized brush if that's what you've got on hand! I like my 16 round and a few of my smaller round tipped brushes (4 and 6) for all of these
  • You also don't need any particular kind of watercolour for these, I'm using Monte Marte squeezie tubes! 
  • Optional: use washi tape if you want a nice clean edge on your paintings. Alternatively just trim them afterward 
Let's get into it!

1. Easy Ornaments by Murielle 
Very simple but very beautiful! I added some white gel pen sparkles to mine for something extra
2. 5 DIY Watercolour Christmas Cards by Dream Believe Do Repeat. 
There are 5 super simple tutorials in this video! I've tried all of these, very beginner friendly!. Tip: for that wreath, don't draw individual leaves, simply touch the tip of your brush to the paper to create an instant leaf shape.How cute are those little sleepy birds in hats?!
3. The WashiTape Tree Method 
 This is so cool! All you do is mark out a triangle with washi tape, wet the paper, dab on your shades of green wherever you like so they bleed together (remember not to touch the paint to the paper too much or you'll muddy the colours), leave it dry, take off the tape and ta da! As you can see it's very similar to the handpainting method shown above, it's simply another way of doing things :-)
4. Watercolours - Easy Holiday Cards Painting Tutorial by Maria Raczynska 
This beautiful bluebird is the first of a few tutorials in this video but I've only tried the one. This is a time lapse tutorial and better for an intermediate skill level. I didn't have all the exact colours she lists, from what I can tell the 'neutral tint' is a sepia tone? If you've got a bit of experience you'll find this is very rewarding to paint.
5. Watercolor Tutorial - How To Paint A Christmas Night Landscape by ART TV by Fantasvale
This one is so easy and so beautiful! I really enjoyed this one. It's a good example of how simple techniques give gorgeous results.Wet onto wet painting is the best part of watercolour painting, I just love how the colours blur and bleed together to create something amazing. To paint the trees just flick your brush back and forth, try not to make it a solid block of colour. For the stars I dipped an old paintbrush in white acrylic and flicked it down... if you don't have an old toothbrush in your watercolours tools I highly recommend adding one!
What do you think? Will you give any of these a try? Which one is your favourite?

I've been deciding whether or not to put up a tutorial of my own on the blog, I was actually going to add it into this post today but I wanted to get this post up and published so here we are! I may still do that this week if I have time :-) I'd definitely like to!

Sunday, 19 November 2017


Helllooo people of the internet! Today I bring you rainbows of awesomeness! Yesterday was a stressful day for me just in general, you know those days when you're just tense from the get-go? My plans got cancelled on Friday night (AGAIN, two weekends running.), the kids were just full on go go go, and I was in need of some serious chill. In {Not Beauty News} recently I saw that someone had uploaded the most incredible rainbow eye shadow look in honour of the stats being release that the majority of Australians want to allow same sex marriage (YAHOO) and I thought 'hey I wonder if I can do that'? My colours aren't as vivid as hers were, there are some seriously kickarse multicoloured jewel-toned palettes out there that I simply don't possess BUT I was able to find enough in my own collection to give this a shot!

The colours used are as follows: 
Spoiled (red) - Yes, Please by Colourpop 
Chauffeur (orange) - Yes, Please by Colourpop 
 Mischief (yellow) - Yes, Please by Colourpop 
E10 (green) - Sleek iDivine original 
Midnight (blue) - Springtime in Paris by Jouer 
Amethyst (purple) - Springtime in Paris by Jouer 
White - some shitty W7 quad I've had for ages 
Cool-toned Brown - A retired disused brow powder from a supposed 'dark' palette that I've given new life to as eye shadow. 
Lips are Australis 'Velourlips' matte lip creme in the shade 'Bae-Jing', with a Kmart brand gloss over the top (the Australis matte lip cremes are so damn uncomfortable on their own). You'll notice I changed from the red in the video to the pink for the photos above... I'm still mastering red. I haven't yet found something that I don't feel totally 'blegh' in. 
Music is by a talented friend of mine, and I've included the song names and where you can find them in the credits. Stay tuned til the end, I do a check-in video :-) I hope it isn't too boring for you! I just like filming the processes. Excuse all the dumb faces I pull and my eternal resting bitch face x 
P.s my eyeliner ain't straight, but then neither am I! 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Duping the z-palette

If you don't know what a z-palette is, it's an empty magnetic case to store single eye shadows pots and they range anywhere from about $20 to $50 (or more) depending what brand makes them. Now I've had a handful of neutral eye shadow quads I've been wanting to de-pot and put together into a similar palette for some time so this morning I had the brain fart of setting out to find a dupe! What I found was an ultra cool Toy Story magnetic play set in the kids craft aisle in Big W for about $7.50. I then went in search of a magnetic sheet which I found in Crazy Bargain Warehouse (after searching The Reject Shop and only finding P-Plates which would have worked perfectly fine as well). 

Had I not found a tin I was going to construct something out of cardboard and patterned ducttape, I may still do that if I'm feeling inspired. That way it'll have a clear lid and I can get my DIY on a bit more... I do doing that! If I do, I'll be sure to share the process :-) 
This method doesn't involve using heat to loosen the glue but you've got to be really gentle not to break the shadows. The metal pans are softer than I expected 
Ready to toss out that black and re purpose the three brown shades from my old Wax It Brow palette! These will make great transition shades 
My LA Girl eyebrow quad was annoyingly mounted in foam layers, which I didn't realise until I'd tried to take one of the shades off using the needle method. I've actually broken my fave eyebrow powder that I'm using in {Project Pan} this month :( It's fixable, I'll just need to get some isopropyl alcohol and repress it The other two shades which were way too light for my brows I've added into my Toy Story tin to use as eye shadows. 

I shared a photo of this in {Not Beauty News} and my post has over 130 likes! 
What do you think? SO much cuter than a plain 'ole boring box hehe And the main thing being that I now have somewhere to collate my odds and ends shadows. Check another one of those 'I'll get around to that sometime' things off my mental list woohoo! 

How I got back in control of my anxiety

Has anyone else found the past week or so especially more stressful and difficult emotionally and stress-level wise than normal? I certainly...