Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I'm just a big cloud of 'dunno'.

I don't feel much like writing at the moment and I'm convinced anything I did try to write would be terrible so I'm popping in to post some photos, ramble a little, and that will be it for now.
 I'm still painting feathers, this time practicing tonal values using Burnt Umber, Payne's Gray, Chinese White, and Permanent Blue. Things I've learnt help with watercolour feathers is to water prime the paper first, it gives me clear parameters to work within and stops bleeding. I'm finding that to minimise the muddling of colour by blending with a brush a simple drop of clear water over the colours I want to flow together works nicely. I'm still a fan of mixed media in my artworks as I always have been, my felt tip pen and watercolours are a great combination. Hopefully I can expand with that.
I found some architectural sketches from my high school visual art diary and was reminded I based my whole HSC collection on those. It's something I'd like to expand on when I get time next.

Tarot studies have been going well. I made sure to include a daily tarot card into my January Habit Tracker and it's given me a little box to check off which for some reason improves the likelihood of me doing anything. I pulled Seven of Pents this morning... particularly like that card. Reminder that continual hard work and nurturing of a skill even in the downtime is working toward an eventual success. Also a gentle reminder that patience is a virtue. I guess that has something to do with my feeling as though I need to have some kind of plan for my working future stemming from something my psychologist mentioned this week, and also from a number of friends who are studying Uni while parenting. It's just a sensitive point for me I suppose. I know something will come along when the time is right.

As for myself right this very second? Well my day started with being enthusiastically bounced all over at about 5.30am and having my ears talked off every moment since. It's 9.30am now and I honestly feel as though my brain may explode. It's one of 'those' days... patience is on thin ice, PMS thrown in, tired etc. Plus a little emotionally drained from the whole Trump thing. I don't understand how someone can blatantly ignore facts and scientific research to make such drastic decisions on behalf of such a great number of people. It quite frankly disgusts me.

That's it for me, I'm being climbed on again because I haven't paid attention to my three year old in the past 5 minutes. Not even joking.


Monday, 23 January 2017

Hello Monday, here I am!

I am reading: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
I've been watching: VLDL's 'Bored' on Youtube and binge watching American Dad
My current fave craft: hand embroidery
My nails are currently (valid because they change every week): powder blue with subtle gold shimmer
This month I have: managed to use a habit tracker every damn day! YES!
I feel: exhausted but extremely satisfied...I've been out since 8.30am doing errands and appointments and just walked back in the door. Master B is asleep and I think I need one too!
Something new: I tried out the first two classes in a beginners Burlesque tutorial on Youtube yesterday! I shimmied while practicing the walk the whole way home with the pram.
I am grateful for: my coffee date with the littlest man in my life, this beautiful town that I live in, the water views on my walk today, my beautiful psychologist for helping me get to where I am now, and my independence.
Now I'm going to: drink a whole lot of water, lie down and read!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

3 Sentence Stories

Once upon a time, not so long ago and in a country far away, there lived a beautiful golden haired princess. But the kingdom in which she resided was ruled by a terrible man who decreed that to have breasts and a vagina was illegal, so the princess was forced to flee deep into the woods or risk enslavement. She then devoted her life to saving all the women in the kingdom and bringing them to live with her where they formed a new civilisation until the men eventually died out, and the women returned to their homeland and live happily ever after free of the patriarchy.

Monday, 16 January 2017

"Write the title of a feature profile of you in a men's fashion magazine"

 from 642 Tiny Things to Write About - by the San Francisco Writer's Grotto
"Write the title of a feature profile of you in a men's fashion magazine"

In an article entitled "Barbies are for girls, He-Man is for boys - How stereotypical body image standards are affecting men as well as women, why magazines like this one perpetrate your feelings of inferiority as a man, and why you should simply stop giving a fuck" by N. Eimer, not an expert in this subject, has friends in printing who snuck this into every issue as an act of defiance against those who care not for self worth. Also the ad that this article replaced was just an enlarged photo of another man's CK jocks. You're welcome.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

3 Sentence Stories

She wondered how she had gotten into this mess as she glanced around at the bloodied walls. "It's time you came with us, quickly". Without question, strangely knowing to trust him completely, she followed the strange man out of the building.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Watercolour Galaxies

My five watercolour nebula paintings 
Day before last I decided I wanted to learn how to paint a galaxy, so off I went to Youtube, and an hour later I'd painted a galaxy inside the Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo. Once I got a taste for it there was no stopping me! Two days and 5 nebulas later I think I've been satiated for now. The handy thing about painting inside a circle is that it makes cropping out the paper and turning the image into a .png insanely easy and effortless. I haven't attempted the logo yet because I don't have the patience to clean up the edges with the eraser tool right now. My legs haven't stopped bouncing around (I'm sitting... they aren't ricocheting off the walls), I am SO restless tonight. Ugh, anxiety. I see you there lurking. Full moon in cancer tonight making me all sensitive grrr. If ever I wanted a massive snuggle, a giant bag of maltesers, and probably a coffee frappe it's right now *attempts to will snuggle buddy into existence* 

BUT ANYWAY. Want to see that Rebel Alliance logo? That was my first ever attempt at a watercolour galaxy and I am SO pleased with it!! I posted a photo on IG after I'd finished and I got a wonderful response. Personally I'd love it as a tattoo but I don't have the spare couple of hundred I imagine it would take to do something like this *le sigh*. 
I don't have fancy schmancy materials either in case you were wondering about what I use...just a Monte Marte set, a 300gsm weight watercolour paper (I think... I don't have the cover page anymore) and imitation sable watercolour brushes. Gosh that sounds arrogant of me. I didn't mean it that way... if you're reading my blog post you probably knew what I meant but still. 

What do you think? Ever tried a watercolour galaxy yourself? 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Lightsabers are hard to paint

I really dislike drawing males. As a friend put it they have man bits, angular and furry. It is for those reasons that I struggle to draw or paint them and therefore will avoid doing so at all costs. Except for this week, where I bent my rule and attempted to turn a portrait of someone into an anime/manga-ish style Jedi. The end result has a Ginger Obi feel about it, but any likeness was entirely unintentional. Here's my process. I started with a light sketch of the face and then decided on the style of eyes to use... I didn't want to go full 'anime eye' because it would have ended up being too feminine and I don't know he'd have been ok with that. There wasn't much I was brave enough to try because I'm actually really not confident with designing something out of my head, I prefer having a reference to work from. Am I completely happy with it? Nope. Am I ever truly satisfied with something I've created? (Apart from my children) Nope. One of these days I'll learn to be compassionate toward myself and give myself some leeway when it comes to expectations but today is not that day.

Watercolour is thankfully very forgiving and I was able to work at it slowly and in layers. What did I fuck up? Oh the mouth is pretty fucked. But I AM happy with the hair and light saber! *high fives self* So there you go! *dramatic drop of curtain and outro overture plays*

Monday, 2 January 2017

Picture This ~ December/January

How I got back in control of my anxiety

Has anyone else found the past week or so especially more stressful and difficult emotionally and stress-level wise than normal? I certainly...