Thursday, 12 January 2017

Watercolour Galaxies

My five watercolour nebula paintings 
Day before last I decided I wanted to learn how to paint a galaxy, so off I went to Youtube, and an hour later I'd painted a galaxy inside the Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo. Once I got a taste for it there was no stopping me! Two days and 5 nebulas later I think I've been satiated for now. The handy thing about painting inside a circle is that it makes cropping out the paper and turning the image into a .png insanely easy and effortless. I haven't attempted the logo yet because I don't have the patience to clean up the edges with the eraser tool right now. My legs haven't stopped bouncing around (I'm sitting... they aren't ricocheting off the walls), I am SO restless tonight. Ugh, anxiety. I see you there lurking. Full moon in cancer tonight making me all sensitive grrr. If ever I wanted a massive snuggle, a giant bag of maltesers, and probably a coffee frappe it's right now *attempts to will snuggle buddy into existence* 

BUT ANYWAY. Want to see that Rebel Alliance logo? That was my first ever attempt at a watercolour galaxy and I am SO pleased with it!! I posted a photo on IG after I'd finished and I got a wonderful response. Personally I'd love it as a tattoo but I don't have the spare couple of hundred I imagine it would take to do something like this *le sigh*. 
I don't have fancy schmancy materials either in case you were wondering about what I use...just a Monte Marte set, a 300gsm weight watercolour paper (I think... I don't have the cover page anymore) and imitation sable watercolour brushes. Gosh that sounds arrogant of me. I didn't mean it that way... if you're reading my blog post you probably knew what I meant but still. 

What do you think? Ever tried a watercolour galaxy yourself? 

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