Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Lightsabers are hard to paint

I really dislike drawing males. As a friend put it they have man bits, angular and furry. It is for those reasons that I struggle to draw or paint them and therefore will avoid doing so at all costs. Except for this week, where I bent my rule and attempted to turn a portrait of someone into an anime/manga-ish style Jedi. The end result has a Ginger Obi feel about it, but any likeness was entirely unintentional. Here's my process. I started with a light sketch of the face and then decided on the style of eyes to use... I didn't want to go full 'anime eye' because it would have ended up being too feminine and I don't know he'd have been ok with that. There wasn't much I was brave enough to try because I'm actually really not confident with designing something out of my head, I prefer having a reference to work from. Am I completely happy with it? Nope. Am I ever truly satisfied with something I've created? (Apart from my children) Nope. One of these days I'll learn to be compassionate toward myself and give myself some leeway when it comes to expectations but today is not that day.

Watercolour is thankfully very forgiving and I was able to work at it slowly and in layers. What did I fuck up? Oh the mouth is pretty fucked. But I AM happy with the hair and light saber! *high fives self* So there you go! *dramatic drop of curtain and outro overture plays*

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