Monday, 27 February 2017

Hello Stormy Monday

Hello... to a new week (and nearly a new month!)
Hello... comfy jumpsuit
Hello... new book to read
Hello... Master L's daycare day
Hello... morning coffee with Master B
Hello... delicious teas on special!
Hello... clean birdcage
Hello...succulents I've managed to keep alive!
Hello... stormy weather
Hello... soothing white sage oil
Hello...last full page of watercolour paper, eek!
Hello... special one-on-one play time with Master B

I will not only get through this week, but I will rise to meet it head on Xx

Edit: Also hello to this article which is a must read for all mummies. I came across it in my Facebook newsfeed this morning and thought it was wonderful.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Line and Wash with Peter Sheeler

On my watercolour journey I've started to learn Line and Wash. On Youtube there is an amazing teacher, {link to Peter Sheeler}, who posts real time videos of usually no more than 20 minutes of how he draws and then paints Line and Wash. I've found that I need to slow the speed down a tad so I can sketch in the initial drawing, but aside from that they are very easy to follow. A few things I've learnt from these are:
-I need to invest in a waterproof felt tip pen, and possibly a finer nib. 
-My sap green is not very pigmented
-I really do need a tube of ultra marine blue, and a higher quality burnt sienna. Both tubes of my burnt umber are the same colours as the burnt sienna used in video tutorials and they aren't producing the right mixes. 
-My rough tooth 300gsm water colour paper produces a nicer end result painting. The bottom two paintings are done on this, the others are using an art spectrum line and wash paper. 

I'd like to work my way through Sheeler's paintings! I particularly love his repeated use of power poles and electricity wires in most of his drawings. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Got crabs?

I wanted something quick and satisfying to paint late last night before bed; I'd been out of my 'studio' (bedroom) a few times putting my children back to bed, getting them drinks, wiping snotty noses, rubbing on Vicks etc and as it turned out it was a long night after that, so I did this little postcard for myself. I'd only just realised I have Ultra Marine Blue on my student palette so I've been having fun adding it to my paintings. 

Both kids are still cranky, tired, and sick today plus it's overcast and yuck outside so I've declared a TV day. Amidst more nose-wiping, fetching of snacks and drinks, nappy changes, and coffees for me, I got the chance to sketch up this little gold fish for an idea I had. It will be similar to last night's painting with another uplifting message to myself. I've been considering putting them into an art journal. This will be what I finally sit down and relax to when I survive today. 

Got crabs? I do!
This little dude is a second attempt after learning some new tips from the below crab, which I followed from a Frugal Crafter tutorial on Youtube. The first time didn't exactly go as planned, but I think using what I learned and just being relaxed got me a pretty groovy end result. Also say hello to the sap green I now own finally! Looks nice sitting there with the violet and UM Blue, doesn't it? 

The first rule about first attempts is that we do not talk about first attempts, except to say that it is a first attempt.
I do love the sandy colour mixed with the Cerulean though! 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Watercolour escapades

Cool new stuff I've learnt to use when painting with watercolour 
This evening's landscape painting practice thanks to a video tutorial by The Frugal Crafter 
Two landscapes, both painted today at different times under different circumstances 
Master B playing with Ronan J Foxx, who typically lives on my bed 
Inspired by the Joie De Vivre Tarot, I created this mohair and chroma knitpicks worsted crochet pouch to send to my darling friend in the US. I finished it up this morning 
Master L this morning thrilled about getting to use his new (and very own) umbrella while waiting for the bus 
This one I attempted on my own sans tutorial using a photograph I found on Google. I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out 
You'll have to turn your head sideways because I forgot to adjust it and I'm too lazy to go back and fix it now. I attempted to paint a stream in the woods, but when the tutorial was telling me to use burnt sienna, I was actually using yellow ochre and getting REALLY frustrated when my colours weren't turning out the same as hers. Whoops.
These tutorials I find challenging as the whole premise is to touch your brush to the paper as little as possible to create an image, so it relies heavily on what shape watercolour brush you use and the size. I started a little low on the paper and consequently ran out of room 
I think I've finally reached the stage in my painting where I need to update the quality of paints I'm using. The basic Monte Marte brand were great to play with, but I'm really needing a stronger pigment and better light fastness. The Frugal Crafter does a lot of brand testing on her Youtube channel so I'll have a watch of those and find out what level of paints will be my next best move. I may need to sell a few paintings, or try to, to fund that purchase though. I wouldn't mind some new imitation sable round brushes either, I'm missing a few numbers between 6 and 12 that would be handy to have. All in good time! The practice is doing my stress a world of good regardless of what I use.

Monday, 13 February 2017

3 Sentence Stories ~ Candles


20 unwavering soldiers bolt upright and shining.
With a single command each one shifts,
with enough force each one will be no more.

How I got back in control of my anxiety

Has anyone else found the past week or so especially more stressful and difficult emotionally and stress-level wise than normal? I certainly...