Sunday, 19 February 2017

Got crabs?

I wanted something quick and satisfying to paint late last night before bed; I'd been out of my 'studio' (bedroom) a few times putting my children back to bed, getting them drinks, wiping snotty noses, rubbing on Vicks etc and as it turned out it was a long night after that, so I did this little postcard for myself. I'd only just realised I have Ultra Marine Blue on my student palette so I've been having fun adding it to my paintings. 

Both kids are still cranky, tired, and sick today plus it's overcast and yuck outside so I've declared a TV day. Amidst more nose-wiping, fetching of snacks and drinks, nappy changes, and coffees for me, I got the chance to sketch up this little gold fish for an idea I had. It will be similar to last night's painting with another uplifting message to myself. I've been considering putting them into an art journal. This will be what I finally sit down and relax to when I survive today. 

Got crabs? I do!
This little dude is a second attempt after learning some new tips from the below crab, which I followed from a Frugal Crafter tutorial on Youtube. The first time didn't exactly go as planned, but I think using what I learned and just being relaxed got me a pretty groovy end result. Also say hello to the sap green I now own finally! Looks nice sitting there with the violet and UM Blue, doesn't it? 

The first rule about first attempts is that we do not talk about first attempts, except to say that it is a first attempt.
I do love the sandy colour mixed with the Cerulean though! 

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