Monday, 13 March 2017

Monday rambles

Well that was a good few hours spent binge watching An Idiot Abroad and eating maltesers in bed. Holy heck I'm grateful for my awesome room/personal space, the fact that both my children sleep pretty well at night now, having this sense of freedom and peace to just switch off my lamp and sleep knowing I have a bit of control back over my life. I'd be even happier if I woke up tomorrow and this cough and tonsillitis had gone away, and the boys noses had stopped running, but I feel like that might be a stretch. Dear Universe, can my family and I start improving health-wise asap please? It's painful and exhausting for all of us. And I'm REALLY tired of wiping snotty noses.
On an unrelated note.. but also sort of related because of the wiping involved.. I'm going to get into toilet training Master L this week. It's been hard to dedicate myself to it but other mum's I know have managed it so I can too. Teaching Master L to dress himself is the next hurdle as well, putting on his pj pants tonight he got halfway in before exclaiming 'I can't do it!' so I placed his hands where they needed to go and told him what to do. The second time he remembered and got it right. It's a funny age between 3-4. You know they're capable of doing these things but are also very good at not wanting to, or giving up halfway through and hope mummy finishes it for them. And they've learnt how a bribe works and start milking that, and they remember the smallest details! "Two weeks ago you said I could do "whatever it was" so we have to do that now' at which point I think 'Oh fuck, yeah I did say that didn't I' Probably the hardest part at this point is when you threaten something if they don't do as they're asked, or if they don't listen, and then having to follow through on your threat. Which usually means manages a massive tantrum or meltdown and a general testing of patience. And having a toddler-protege in the form of Master B makes it double trouble! L's little brother has certainly been learning all the tricks. Master B knows what he's not allowed to do so when he gets in trouble for one thing, he immediately goes to do the next thing, then the next, then the next etc. I tell you, tonsillitis for a week while trying to manage two amazingly energetic but also sick boys? So much pain. Much pain. For a day there I nearly lost my voice completely so that was fun.
Anyway I just felt like having a ramble and it was too long for a Facebook status.
I hear stirrings from the Thing Next Door in Master B's room (spoiler alert, the 'Thing' is Bryce) that I'll go and suss out before putting myself to bed.

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