Wednesday, 26 April 2017

5 Days of Guidance - Day 2

Hi everyone and welcome to day two of my mini series. You're probably only here to get the card reveal I posted earlier to my Facebook page and that's ok but first I want to talk about my daily guidance for today. 
I should start by saying today has absolutely SUCKED. I feel like shit, the kids are so hypo today and clingy and demanding, it's dreary and both cold and humid at the same time. My knee really hurts from when I slipped on a puddle of spilled water last night. I am SO frustrated and tired it's not even funny anymore. Both boys have decided that sleeping at night isn't for them for about a week now and I'm just exhausted. So with all of these damn feels, let's see what my book has to say to me today. 
There are 365 pages of guidance in this book, I feel they're scraping the barrel with some of them. Today is one of those... 
Feed The Birds - 82 
'Feed the birds today and spend time in their company. They'll appreciate your generosity, and you'll benefit from their sweet songs, presence, and energy.
This page goes on to talk about how similar angels and birds are. "We may not be experiencing the struggles, but we're supporting you through everything that happens". So I should give my budgies  (who sit in my kitchen/dining room and chat everyday anyway) food, and go find a random feather and everything will be ok. 

Nup. Even I am too far gone with frustration, annoyance, and sheer exhausted to try and apply that to myself today. I get it, I get what they're trying to say, but my internal dialogue is just going PFFFFFT, whatevs. I DID dream of getting another bird last night so I don't know what relevance that has.
I'd love a gentle cuddle with my birds right now but they aren't cuddle-able. Maybe i'll try painting a bird sometime today. 

Today's Cards featuring the Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley. 
The Reveal 
Thought - Be aware of your thoughts, they precede action and have great effect on how you experience life. Now is a good time to make that decision, resolve a problem, or do some self discovery. Be aware of the positive power of your thoughts and how they affect not only yourself but those around you. A bit of meditation wouldn't hurt. (I should note here that I chose card 1 today for myself, so I know it's definitely relevant to me!) Smokey quartz is an excellent grounding stone, good at sucking up negative shit. It also helps you get shit done!! Aka that thing you've been putting off. 

Wisdom - This card features Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. This card asks you to think about an important insight today, and decipher the full truth from the half-truth. Athena was said to have a blind spot on one side, where the owl sits and helps her see and understand the whole of the truth instead of part. Trust your inner voice, learn from experience, be objective about the mistakes you make. Knowledge helps you make a living, wisdom helps you make a life. Labradorite is a stone of transformation and magic. It has the ability to clear, balance, and protect your aura. 

Strength - This card is watery, 'yin', feminine. Physical strength is tangible, whether in the form of  prowess, status, or worldly power. Learn what the authentic nature of strength really is, The measure of personal strength is always obvious to the outside world. Evaluate the role that strength plays in your life, and how it manifests in you. Be careful that your strength comes from a place of higher power, and not of ego. Mind your intentions. "I do not pray for a lighter road, but for a stronger back" Serpentine is about emotional cleansing, psychic power, and the attraction of money and love. 

Harmony - Here we have Orpheus playing his Lyre and enchanting the entire universe with his songs. Release any possible feelings of conflict, judgment, or isolation by tuning into the harmony of all things. Music needs harmony to be played beautifully, as your life needs harmony for you to live beautifully. Rose quartz is a soft feminine stone of love, peace, tenderness and healing. It's allll good. 

Playfulness - Light-hearted, carefree, enjoy being alive and being happy with shit! The worries and woes won't bother you for the time being, take a new playful perspective and watch as your view on the situation changes. It's not immaturity! Quit trying to control how things will turn out and just roll with it. Black quartz is protective and grounding. It's a good stone to guard against negativity, which probably translates to, in this case, stop giving a fuck what people think of you and go have fun anyway. 

Today's Crystals  
Quartz made an appearance twice today, one smokey tumbled and one raw Tibetan black. We also have rose quartz which appeared to be a favourite, terminated labradorite, and tumbled serpentine with malachite. 

And just sharing last night's painting. I've tried this one before but I googled how to get a similar shade to perylene green and winsor violet and tried it again. The pigment is pretty dull and my winsor violet mix split because apparently magenta doesn't like playing with permanent blue and they tried to go their separate ways. I also tried painting the little figure dudes in the centre there like Geeson did on his, and now it looks like Slenderman and his missus are out for an afternoon stroll.

You know that Frozen parody of 'Let It Go', the one that goes 'FUCK IT ALL',,, that's my theme song today. Ok so my Springtime in Paris collection from Jouer arrived thismorning, but I'm too cranky to appreciate it right now *sad face*


  1. First. I need to find that parody!!
    2nd. 4 gave me goosebumps. I literally just came to that conclusion today (the releasing those feels...they aren't fucking helping me any)
    3. I loves you babe 😘

  2. oh, my, another watery card! and strength being obvious to the outside world is so true! if only I could figure out how to mak eit obvious to me. thank you for another spot on reading.


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