Saturday, 29 April 2017

5 Days of Guidance - Day 4

Hello lovelies,
I didn't do any readings or even open my angel book yesterday as I was just emotionally and mentally drained so I put it off until today. I don't think mentally and physically I'm any better than yesterday but 1. no vomit and 2. the kids are away this weekend so at least I can nap when I need to. I decided as an act of self care I needed to make myself some lamb and veggie soup for dinner, so I dragged my butt around to the spunky butcher 'round the corner and got some tender fresh lamb. It's all thrown in the slow cooker and hopefully by tonight I'll have some soul soup.

Just off topic here for a bit but do you ever find yourself panic-buying stuff? This morning after the butcher I thought I'd get a coffee (even though coffee is disagreeing with my gut these days) and I panic bought a custard tart. I didn't even bloody feel like it! Bloody sick foggy brain *cough* because I TOTALLY don't do that sort of thing when perfectly well *cough cough* Kidding, I do.

Today's cards are bought to you by The Secret Language of Animals oracle deck by Chip Richards. This deck has the most beautifully illustrated cards, oh my gosh. It features endangered animals which I feel is a nice little way to work awareness in. I actually used this oracle deck along side my tarot cards when I did my 2017 Year Ahead reading. And speaking of animals last night after I had my Thai feast while watching Apollo 13 (which then all came back up that night anyway) I painted Andrew Geeson's latest tutorial of sunflowers with a buzzy bee. I'm enjoying the process of loose watercolours, Andrew is a brilliant teacher and his videos are usually filled with the best kind of bad jokes.
Your Cards 
The Reveal
1. White pelican with red goldstone. Keywords of this card read ease, optimism, grace, cooperation. Red goldstone is the stone of confidence, motivation, optimism, and can promote vitality. It's a generally uplifting stone. These two elements combined makes for a very positive reading.
2. Timber wolf with Australian ruby in fuschite. This card represents instinct, guidance, belonging, order. Ruby in fuschite is loving and positive, can help us to be aware of ourselves while connecting us to humanity as a whole (as a wolf does as a part of a pack).
3. Orange-bellied parrot with lepidolite. Orange-bellied parrot is a card of radiance, expression, communication, acceleration. Comprised of mica and lithium, lepidolite is a very calm and relaxing stone. It can have a very strong relaxing effect, brings about balance, and can assist with sleep. Unlike the other two cards whose crystal meanings are tied in with the animal, this one presents a polar opposite of fast and slow. Quite literally! Maybe that has some relevance to you today?
The back one is goldstone, purple is lepidolite and the out of focus one is aussie ruby in fuschite 

My little spot of guidance (for myself) is "Notice Sounds" 168. The Thought for Today reads 'I tune into the sounds around me, noticing how each one affects me. I trust the feelings that arise in response to every noise, and I honour my increasing sensitivity as the gift that it is'. 
This is wonderful because as I don't have the children here today, my world is very quiet and undemanding. I have my favourite Moods of Meditation background music on and it bought me instant calm as it began to play. Other noises are irritating the living daylights out of me today though, like my budgies. Sometimes Ollie just gets it in his head that he's going to do the bird equivalent of yelling through a megaphone and while usually I find it endearing, today I just want him to close his little beak. I'm FAIRLY sure my increased sensitivity to sound is due to be tired, irritable, and sick but it's still relevant, for sure! 

How was your reading today? I LOVE that the Timber wolf made an appearance today, he's one of my very favourite animals on this Earth and I find myself connecting to that card whenever it shows in a reading. I'm off to paint now, or have a nap. One or the other... I can feel my eyelids trying to slide down my cheeks. 
Til tomorrow for our last day in this mini series! 


  1. Do you have a link to the original painting by Andrew ? Or an image ?

    1. I followed his free tutorial for it on Youtube, you'll find it on his channel 'Andrew Geeson'


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