Sunday, 9 April 2017

Crocheted Nail Polish Pods

Handy little doodads to have around the house; nail polish edition! I call them nail polish pods and they're groovy for storing my collection in my drawer upright without them rolling all over the place. I made a spangly purple one for a friend today. It's a very very simple pattern,the jist of it is thus:
Ch 2, 8 hdc into second chain from hook, join.
Ch 1, 2 hdc in same stitch and in each stitch around.
From here it's a matter of increasing to the size you want. I've made mine between 4-5 rows in increase in diameter so
Ch 1, 1 hdc in same stitch, *2hdc in next, 1hdc in next st* Join
Ch 1 *2hdc in same stitch, 1 hdc in next 2 stitches* Join
Ch 1 * 2hdc in same stitch, 1 hdc in next 3 sts* Join
And so on until you get the size you want. From there, ch 1, and in the back loop only 1hdc in each st around. Then in both loops, hdc 1 in each st around again. The next round you want to add a decrease at equal intervals around, *hdc2tog, 1 hdc in next 8* around. This will give your pod a nice inward curve to hug your bottles. Add another 1 or 2 rows of single hdcs around or until you reach your desired height. Done! Quick and easy. I'm sure I've done a post about these before but hey, have it again!

This is what my Sunday is looking like. I have lunch with my bestie in town, now I'm settled on the lounge watching Memoirs of a Geisha and crocheting. I may paint a bit later on, but that's about it. Nice and relaxing =)

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