Friday, 7 April 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

So it's my birthday today and I am 28! Whoop!

Honestly I was kinda dreading today, because my birthday this time last year triggered the worst period of my entire life and I didn't really want the memories and feelings from that coming flooding back. But upon waking this morning and being surrounded by my kidlets, being wished happy birthday by my toddler, being messaged to say I'd been ordered flowers and to expect them today, having a text sent from my aunt inviting me to dinner tonight, and knowing that tomorrow night my bestie is taking me to dinner and then The World of Musicals at the Glasshouse, I haven't felt any pain at all. All I feel is love! So much love. A dear friend described today as being my 'rebirth day' and that really struck a chord with me because she is (as she often is) right! It is my rebirth day, the day I leave the past in the past and look at all the good things that surround me right now and be thankful for the direction my new life is leading.

I left a new poem on my fridge (those fridge words are fucking awesome by the way) and I was surprised at how perfectly it just flowed out of my and onto that magnetic surface.
This morning the kids and I walked around to the corner shop to get some cake mix and lollies and then Lynton helped me bake the cake, and I let him decorate it. We then put 28 candles on it and we both had fun. That's what it's all about, isn't it?

I was blessed this week by two friends who showed an act of beautiful kindness; one who offered to send me her set of watercolours she is no longer using, and another who, with the help of her mum, sent me a perfectly timed surprise for my birthday and my upcoming week at home without the boys. I was able to get a few things that we've needed, put a layby on of winter clothes for the boys, and I was able to spoil myself with the new Spring Collection by Jouer, a couple of new higher end watercolour paper pads, and a nice order with Cosmetic Capital (scored a NARS mini 'Orgasm' gloss for $4 which usually retails for $30... I mean, how rad is that?). Seriously just amazed at the abundance thrown my way lately. My tarot card for this month is Six of Swords, and I do feel like I will be sailing safely over the rough seas of the past few months finally (going from the Wizard's Tarot meaning of the card, not so much the traditional. I will apply a different meaning to each card depending what deck I use). If the stress from our new tighter than Bowie's pants budget wasn't apparent enough, I've broken out in both pimples AND had a recurring attack of eczema which a blast from the past of my childhood. First thing the chemist asked me this morning when I went in for some treatment was 'are you stressed?'. How'd you guess?

But today I'm not stressed. Today I'm just relaxed.

By the way, check out the cake... it's a beauty, right? Master L had to taste test the frosting and decorations... Duh.
I've been painting a lot lately but I'm too lazy right now to compile photos, watermark them, upload blah blah (yes I know I'm terrible) but maybe that's a job for next week... give you a nice updated gallery of works a la Tash. Annnnnd since this is 'Of CROCHET and Life' and you've had a bit of the 'life' part, let's throw some crochet in! I still know how to use that hook even though it's been a paint brush in my hand more frequently. I fell in love with the 'More V's Please' square pattern years ago and I find it easy enough to just go along with when watching whatever I'm watching. The back room is a little mental with yarn overload so I'm endeavouring to start using the bits and bobs when I can. Voila! It's a free pattern on Ravelry {pattern here!}

So yep! That's about it for now =) It's all good!


  1. I love everything about this post Tashy! <3 So happy to see you're enjoying your day! Love!

    1. Thank you Nessa! I really did have such a lovely day =)

  2. Happy birthday, and what a wonderful one it was!

    1. Thank you Sonia! It certainly was, I haven't had such a lovely birthday in a long time. xx


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