Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Reconnecting to myself - 5 days of guidance

Because I've distanced myself from my cards and spiritual side lately (read: for a looooong time...again) I have set myself the challenge of focusing on Universal guidance for the next 5 days. I want to take note on how each day's guidance relates to my current thoughts and actions, and environmental factors. 
My daily guidance will be simple and will come straight from 'Daily Guidance from your Angels' by Doreen Virtue* (Hay House Inc. 2006). The plan is to just open to a page in my book, no re-do's, and trust what's there in front of me. 

Your daily guidance will come from different tarot and oracle decks I have in my collection, in case you've been a little disconnected as well or you need a gentle nudge in the right direction. I've been meaning to do these on my blog since January but I hadn't gotten around to it. Honestly the drawing cards, taking photos, intuitively selecting crystals, uploading photos, editing, getting my words out on paper and compiling it all is time consuming when you've got two under-four year olds to parent. But I'll take opportunity as I find it and it so happens I have that opportunity for a short while today, so here we go. 

"Know that your future is safe"- 180 
'There are fulfilling, happy, and memorable moments in store for me in life, an array of paths to follow, and a variety of lessons to learn. Breathe easy, let down your guard, your future is safe.' 

As I read those words to myself I felt connected, protected, and the inner knot I didn't realise was there inside me untangled and released itself. This always seems to happen when I've been distant from my spiritual voice and haven't been reaffirming my choices and feelings with the Universe. It's that feeling of coming back home and being in a familiar and comfortable place. 
"Everything will turn out all right for I am watched over and sheltered" 
*The D. Virtue disclaimer bit: I don't follow Doreen Virtue. I don't keep up to date on her, although I have heard murmerings within the tarot community that many people have moved away from her teachings and philosophies recently. The DV Angel Tarot was my first deck, and my introduction to tarot. As you probably know yourself there are certain connections you make with your 'firsts' (of anything!) and this deck has always felt like an old friend. 
As for my 365 Days of Angel Guidance book, my mother bought it for me, and I think all the women in my immediate family circle have one. Again, I don't promote or condone DV as a person, but these two products of hers happen to be special to me. Does that make sense? 

Today's Cards
 As I've mentioned, I want to help you guys along a little while I reconnect with myself so on this first day of my mini blog series I want to start by offering a reading to you. If you don't know how this works, read on. On my personal Facebook page {LINK} (the post will be made public for now, I know my little blog following are mainly friends anyway. If you're from the outside world, HELLO! I welcome thee!) there will be a selection of cards available in a post (it's the same photo as above). You select one of the three cards that you feel speaks to you, then later that day, or in the evening, I will come back and post the card reveal here on my blog. Use these cards as guidance, but know that your choices are your own and I take zero responsibilities for your actions. That's fairly straight forward of course.
I also intuitively select a crystal to accompany each card before revealing them to myself, and I will explain what those mean during the reveal. You may find you selected your card based on the crystal alone, you may find that the crystal meaning is closely related to that of the card. The angel guidance's I post will be for me, and these readings will be for you over the next 5 days.
As today is the first day I will be posting both the intro to my little blogging venture and the card reveal in the same post. Tomorrow though there will be the card options on my Facebook page, and the reveal will be here.
The Reveal
 Our Crystals Today 

Card one: Release, with honey calcite.
The end of a phase or situation. Spiritual transformation, time to move on! Honey calcite is useful in assisting to overcome obstacles, and can help ease the transition from challenges caused by change.

Card two: Two of Water, with ocean jasper.
A relationship that continues to grow closer. Forgiveness; the positive resolution of a conflict. Ocean Jasper helps to remove negative feelings and and make you feel all round happier as well as bringing you a newfound sense of optimism. As with all things water/ocean related we are in the realm of emotions and this is a very positive crystal-card combo.

Card three: Ten of Fire, with amazonite.
Too much work, accept help from others. Life is out of balance, stress related health concerns. Amazonite is a throat chakra stone, and as such has to do with communication. Ask. For. Help.

I hope that helped someone out there, let me know in the comments if you found yourself relating to your card today and I'll see you again tomorrow for the next one.


  1. so interesting that the number two card and crystal are both water related! not sure what the card tells me, but the crystal speaks loudly!

  2. That may be all you needed for now, which is perfectly fine as well. When things align like that it's a clear reinforcement of the message :) I just pick up crystals from my bowl as they pop into my head, and they let me know which card they belong on.


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