Monday, 30 October 2017

Putting makeup on my face

Tasha's Tips
Green cancels out any redness you have on your face,
in my case redness and scarring from childhood
When applying foundation, push it slightly into your hairline to avoid that mask like line. Also if using a makeup sponge like my BB knock off or spongy butt plug to apply foundation, blend it into the skin for longer than you think you need to. Funnily enough just adding another 10-20 seconds to the mashing foundation into my face step helps to a) keep my face from looking cake-y, and b) ensures a really even coverage.
If you're unsure if your foundation is too dark/light, do the double chin test! If your face matches your double chin, you're sweet.
Powder photo, y so serious? Why? WHY? 300% markup on the powder in Australia, that's why. $5 in the states, $18 here. Plus shipping because you can only get it online of course. It's so good, and you get so much of it which is awesome, but yeah. Price sucks arse. I use a little powder on my face; I only take a small amount on my brush and use the lid to swirl around in to avoid tapping off too much excess because I need to make this shit last as long as humanely possible!! I will put extra over the bridge of my nose where my glasses sit to help set that into place, although I think those spectacle wearers among us are just doomed to always have foundation shift on our noses for all eternity. 
In regards to under eye baking, which is putting a thicker layer of powder over the concealer to prevent creases and line, it's not going to magic away your crows feet and smile lines... I may not have any high end makeup products like the Tarte Shape Tape everyone harps on about but I have used a fair few cheaper ones and have never once achieved that whole 'look, magic! Bags and lines be gone!' thing that happens in the videos. I've tried, but it just doesn't work for me, my dry skin will be playing a part in that too. Baking still helps to make sure the foundation and concealer doesn't settle into your lines though. That tends to look a little gross when it happens.
Brows I do with a super dooper cheap brush I got on ebay in a set when I first started out. The quality of the bigger ones were so awful I ended up throwing them out but kept the smaller ones as they're handy for eyes and lips. My eyebrows are definitely sisters and not twins. I'm not blessed with identical eyebrows. I could MAKE them identical if I really tried however my hairs are long, thick, and dark, but sparse, so I can't draw outside of my natural brow shape, and therefore just do the best I can filling in the gaps. I find that because of my glasses I don't have to worry about them being too bold as they're partly hidden anyway, so that's a bonus!
If you're going to contour your nose, take it all the way up your nose to your brow! Otherwise the line just kinda ends and looks strange. I'm not the greatest at contour, or bronzer for that matter, but I try haha
Blush...  I pop it on the apples of my cheeks and then I blend it back above my contour and into my bronzer. My features are close together and I have a big face so I struggle to get my makeup looking cohesive all over and not just centered. I don't know if that makes sense. Tip! Sweep a teeny bit of the same blush over the bridge of your nose and it gives you a really cute glow! Don't make it a bold line, just take what you've got left on your brush and flush it over once or twice.I also don't use blush very strongly because I don't have a full coverage foundation, and my cheeks will flush throughout the day and be visible under whatever corrector, foundation, concealer I put over them. I also worry that it'll look really obvious... is that weird? That's probably why I blend the living shit out of everything, I'm scared it'll look bad! Or obvious? But that defeats the point of spending money on makeup... Oh god. Moving on!!
Eye shadow primer works in the same way as concealer does under your eyes, or you can use concealer on your eyelids as well. Whichever you use and if it's a cream, take a little of your face powder and brush it over with a fluffy brush to set it in place, this will give you a smooth even surface to work on. That tip has actually helped me with my eye makeup application, and they're just extra little steps to prevent your colour from fading off your lids throughout the day.
My eyeballs are also sisters and not twins. Thanks to astigmatism I will probably never have matching eyeliner. But again, glasses kind of cover that anyway so who cares! "When in doubt, blend it out" well I blend for fucking AGES. You don't have to blend for as long as I do, I'm just weird. And always in doubt apparently. To make my point I've included a short video of my blending my eye's only a natural eye look and I don't use the colour too strongly but I still blend forever! 

Stuff I Used
  • Beauty blender knock off from kmart and a spongy butt plug
  • Coty Airspun translucent powder
  • MUD defining contour and highlighting palette -Woolworths, got it for $4 on sale
  • Define-A-Lash by Maybelline - Also on sale. First time trying it out, not overly impressed
  • Milani eye shadow primer - good stuff this one!
  • LA Girl inspiring brow kit in dark - I use a dark brown and not black on my brows typically
  • Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner in blackest black - been using this stuff for ages, not the greatest out there but I like it. It doesn't crumbled off which is a huge plus! The Nude By Nature one crumbles. 
  • SPF 50+ sunscreen - essential!! - Apply after moisturer but before primer
  • e.l.f Daily moisture stick - before sunscreen. I have an extremely dry nose, I do what I can to help it
  • prime thy face! 
  • e.l.f Poreless Face Primer - smells like tea tree, silicone based
  • Mermaid salon chubby brush - new addition to the collection... GREAT for nose contour, it's very dense and precise
  • L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau Du Tent in 150 nude beige - Doesn't have that slipperiness to it after application that some of the other cheapie brands do which I like 
  • LA Girl pro concealer in porcelain - accidentally threw out the next shade down, this is a smidgen too light for me
  • BYS Correct and Conceal palette - hey it covers my dark circles, and it's cheap! It's a creamy, wax based one but blends really nicely even on my dry skin
  • A plethora of various drugstore brushes which I won't list because most don't even have names on them.
  • And the Ashley Tisdale BH Cosmetics Beach Goddess face palette for bronze, blush, eye shadow, and highlight (it was on sale on Cosmetic Capital and looked pretty, after trying it today I really like it!
So there you have it! What do you think? Is it helpful in any way? Do you want more of this type of thing? Leave me a comment and let me know! And if you want to keep up with my posts you can follow me using the social media buttons at the top of the page, subscribe via email, or join the blog with Google. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Makeup tips and tricks I gleaned from watching too many beauty channels that I will now put into practice for you to try.

Well helllllloooo, and welcome to makeup tips and tricks etc...the prologue! This series will be where an average looking non-beauty blogger who has a passion for makeup passes on some handy tidbits to whomever may be reading. I, like many others, am addicted to watching makeup tutorials.
I didn't 'seriously' start wearing it until earlier this year after a couple of {NikkieTutorials} videos left me with my mouth hanging open and wondering if I could do that too. She was the first beauty channel I'd ever seen thanks to that viral 'Power of Makeup' video that I happened to see on Facebook. (I want to add in here that since learning of certain friendships and under-the-rug dodgy dealings which you can search yourself at {Here For The Tea} I've cooled a bit toward Nikkie as a person BUT I do think she has incredible skill and I still watch her channel). I say seriously because previously my makeup consisted of some foundation, possibly a face base underneath (which I've since learnt is called primer! I didn't know that at the time), mascara, an attempt at eyeliner with a pencil and some lip stuff that wasn't too out there because I didn't want to draw attention to myself. I also used colour correcting green stuff entirely wrong and I really wish I had a photo of that for you *cough* actually I'm happy I don't have one. NOW I use lots of shit on my face, have a reasonable idea of how to apply it and with what, AND get this, I enjoy it!
 I know, typical girl right? Typical high maintenance woman who is just too much trouble for men and pays too much attention to herself? Ugh, how awful. NOT. Fuck your stereotypes and shaming, and fuck your beauty standards while you're at it. I didn't want to wear makeup like the other (what I considered) pretty girls did because I thought I was too ugly for it and I'd look stupid. News flash... ANYONE CAN WEAR MAKEUP. You also hear people fling around the phrase 'do whatever you want, there are no rules with makeup'. I gotta say after watching a lot of (as Christine of Simply Nailogical puts it) beautiful people tell me what looks good and what supposedly doesn't I think the hypocrisy might be a little strong. You can do what you want! But not that, nuh uh gurrrrl, gross. Seriously you do you, I do, and it's oh so pleasurable *wink wink*
Right, so this isn't about what you should or shouldn't be doing, it's some shit I learned about makeup that made a light bulb in my head go MOTHERFUCKING PING and suddenly the world started to make sense. I've been keeping track of these mystical things in a notepad file on my other laptop, the one with the broken keyboard, that I haven't added to since my keyboard died. I do anything that involves typing on this really rather old but still surprisingly functional ASUS. I can get my new(er) one fixed but I don't have the external hard drive space to clear it off first at the moment... wow, why would you even want to know that. There you go! Had enough of my rambling yet? Yes? Allllrighty then. 

I was torn between throwing all the tips in one blog post or spreading them out over a few posts (listen to me talking like I have some life changing beauty secrets to impart HA!) and I think I'm going to go with spreading them out. The reason behind that being that I am desperate for readers and need you to keep coming back. Just kidding, that's not it. The real reason is because I'd actually like to show you the difference between doing something one way and trying it in another way, and the amount of time and effort I'd need to invest in turning that into one blog post just isn't practical for me. I've only just discovered that after years of DSLR ownership I can actually record video on my camera. An incredible 'derp' moment for me but handy to know because I'd like to do a couple of mini videos as well.

Now that I've feel I've given the run down and explained what I'd like to do I better go start putting it all together! I know it's totally weird but I always feel this need to explain myself and my goings-on in detail in a 'word vomit' fashion...the people who know me and talk to me regularly have probably experienced this. My actual verbal conversation is just as unstructured and sporadically chopping and changing so this is all perfectly normal Tash-behaviour. 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Practical Crochet - lens pouch edition

As you may have read in a previous post I’m  attempting to blog more to justify the autorenewed domain cost and picmonkey membership. I know, I should have checked when the date was but hey, I can’t be on top of everything all the time ok? Geez.
So today’s quickie is this pink lens pouch! I was going to see Mandy play clarinet in Kendall yesterday and thought I’d take along the old faithful camera. I usually just toss the 50mm in my bag but after many years it occurred to me that that may not be best for it. Half an hour after deciding to make a thing for it I had this... ta da! No broken lens in my bag for the win!
This blog post is actually coming to you from the Maccas wifi and playground typed from my phone. Take the opportunity to do it when you can, right? B has found a puddle of water and is now all wet so we’d better be going home to change him and catch up on the Inktober days I’m behind on. Whoops.
Anyhoo, substantial blog post coming tomorrow hopefully! Smell ya later x

Friday, 20 October 2017

Activities for kids update and some general shit

Hiiiii whoever you are, welcome to some more of my word vomit and spattering of photos I added a watermark to using Picmonkey because the bastard autorenewed this morning and now I have to fucking use it. So at the beginning of the week I made a post about making some interesting educational activities for the kids and trying a new one out each day... yeah that didn't happen. I made one! Why? Because I had zero time available to make anything and frankly the kids have been sleeping absolutely terribly this week, and their general energy has just been way too high to get them to sit down and do anything like I'd planned. Even as I type this right now I hear one child whom refuses to nap even though he can barely keep his eyes open. Fun times! B did like playing with the one thing I made though, so that's a win, right?
In other news to make this seem like i'm updating you on my glamorous interesting *cough* life I've taken some random iphone photos to upload and provide a bit of a description for. Clearly I'm not really in the mood today but since everything renewed and I've now paid for it you can expect more of the fluffer posts of nothing in particular! Hooray!
I made a crocheted peg bag because I needed one... I actually made a second one but can't be fucked taking another photo right now. See a need fill a need with your random skills, am I right? 
Behold! The felt underwater scene I made for B and L to play with. To be fair though they do like it, even if we did literally nothing else on my list. We have gone to the park nearly every day this week though, you'd think the extra activity would wear them out enough to sleep at a reasonable hour at night. hahahaha nope. 
I updated my '100 Things to do This Year' list... the highlighted stuff is what I've done. The rest haven't been done because they either take a) more time than I have available and/or b) cost more than I have now that all my payments have reduced. A few things I can still squeeze in before the end of the year, hopefully. Going on a picnic, printing some photos for an album, pelvic floor exercises, you know that stuff is probably doable. Going to the Russian Ballet, sewing a poodle skirt, going bowling, etc will probably not be doable this year. 
I've discovered bronzer that doesn't make me look like Im suffering from kidney failure. Still not 100% on where to put it on my face but hey, we're figuring that out. Also any and all eyemakeup I put on goes under my glasses and is kinda pointless. And no matter how much colour correcting, foundation, and concealing I do on my undereyes I still look tired as fuck. Confirmed by the fact I spent an hour putting on makeup the other day only to have someone at the supermarket look at me and my two kids in tow and say 'you look really tired'. Nice. 
I've been doing Inktober! So far I'm only a day behind, I may ACTUALLY finish something... please don't die of shock. Anyhoo I'm using a stack of yellow copy paper I had in a drawer and drawing with a black pen, then using white oil pastel, water colour, and China ink to illustrate each days prompt. The idea has been to draw whatever first comes to mind for each prompt and just get it down on paper as quickly as possible. No pre-sketching in pencil or spending an hour on each one, because frankly I just don't have the time for that. I feel that using the wrong paper for the mediums and focusing on getting it done in the space of 20-30 minutes really loosens up my ideal that it has to be perfect, or the materials and paper will be wasted if I don't get it right. I'm also finding that using images that are related to that day or from past photographs, or even using myself and my day to day has been a great challenge. 
See? B likes it! He loves whales so he enjoyed that addition. 
I rescued and adopted a blue tongue for a night after B had picked him up by the time and frightened the living daylights out of the poor lizard... also wanted to teach the kids that it wasn't a snake. He was really chilled out and I enjoyed having Striped Frank around (named by L), he particularly like chilling on my laptop on the warm spot and having chin scratches. You'd have thought he/she was someones pet with how easy he was in human company. Either that or he was just super traumatised. He's back out in the garden where he belongs, hopefully we'll be seeing him/her again. 

Annnnnd lastly here's a photo of me. Don't get too excited, it's just a flattering angle I don't look that nice. Silver nail polish, Harry Potter 'always' necklace, Mickey Mouse dress, and stretchy headband. Does anyone else do their makeup really well, then look at their hair and think 'now what the fuck do I do with that?'. That's me all the damn time. So up-diddly-up it goes. Probably should get it thinned and shaped or something at some point. P.s that lippy? 'Lip Service' by BYS. It was $4 or $6, can't remember which exactly, but it says its long wear and it actually IS long wear. Plus the colour is the shiz on me so I loves it *strokes tube*.
Oh wait there's more, sorry. But dot points now
  • I was working out daily and eating clean, that lasted two months and I was losing cms but I stopped about three weeks ago and really fucked it up. I haven't started it back up yet because I'm a little low but I'm getting there. Least I know what I was doing was actually working. 
  • That guy I travelled randomly to spend time with during the school holidays, yeah that didn't work out after all (again). He gets no more of a mention than that because he's not worth my time. 
  • L passed his STEPS eyesight test, yay! 
  • I've been on top of all my washing. Is that a sign of good housekeeping? 
  • I ordered myself the new Colourpop My Little Pony eyeshadow palette and put another afterpay on with Cosmetic Capital because I have absolutely no self control and that shit makes me happy. I need things to make me happy right now (see three points above for why). 
  • 'Blogging a whole makeup look' is on my list of 100 things to do this year, would anyone actually want to see that? It wouldn't be a video obviously but a shit tonne of photos and descriptions of what I'm doing and using etc? My makeup is all pretty inexpensive and I'm very very non-beauty-blogger looking so I dunno, if there's ONE other human out there with a face like mine who wants to know they aren't alone in their makeup struggles then cool. 
Alright that's it! I need to go drink my sugar-filled ice coffee and catch up on some Youtube videos so my brain switches off for a bit and I can recharge for the rest of my day. Above mentioned child is still not asleep but at least is still in bed. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Week of Kids Activities

This week I thought it would be a good idea to look up some simple educational and craft activities online and try a new one with the boys each day. I've found quite a large collection of useful ideas at {Hands On As We Grow} and from those I've selected the following activities:
Straw drop apple tree painting
Tracing pictures and letters
Pasta threading and picture making
Pom pom drop using cardboard tubes
Macaroni sensory play
Simple shape sorting
Felt scenes
Being inexpensive is also a key factor, as is being able to use the supplies I already have around the house such as cardboard tubes, using the sheets of felt I have, paints, coloured paper etc. As tired as I am on this Sunday evening I'm preparing a few of the activities so they're ready to go. My eldest goes to daycare tomorrow so I think it would be a good opportunity to do some pasta threading and painting, and macaroni sensory play with my two year old. He really enjoys emptying the contents of one container into another, particularly liquid, so water play will also be a necessity if the weather is fine! It's become a bit of a tradition after dropping L off to daycare taking B to the park in the shopping centre to run around while I have a coffee for a while. It's our special time together. And actually, it wasn't until last week when my dad was watching my youngest so that I could get L his vaccinations and he and I were walking holding hands that I realised how little time we get together just us. It's easy to get side tracked and distracted when both boys are together and hard to balance the amount of attention each is getting. Maybe next year when I get B into daycare as well I'll send him on a different day so that L and I get time alone.

Anyhoo, I've got a pile of felt in front of me I'm about to chop into, and then I am definitely going to sleep! Oh so very tired after a 3am bedtime last night. No, no. Don't feel sorry for me, my friend and I just had a lot of wine.

I'll check in tomorrow with how some of our activities went, maybe you'll find something helpful for your own kidlets.


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