Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Week of Kids Activities

This week I thought it would be a good idea to look up some simple educational and craft activities online and try a new one with the boys each day. I've found quite a large collection of useful ideas at {Hands On As We Grow} and from those I've selected the following activities:
Straw drop apple tree painting
Tracing pictures and letters
Pasta threading and picture making
Pom pom drop using cardboard tubes
Macaroni sensory play
Simple shape sorting
Felt scenes
Being inexpensive is also a key factor, as is being able to use the supplies I already have around the house such as cardboard tubes, using the sheets of felt I have, paints, coloured paper etc. As tired as I am on this Sunday evening I'm preparing a few of the activities so they're ready to go. My eldest goes to daycare tomorrow so I think it would be a good opportunity to do some pasta threading and painting, and macaroni sensory play with my two year old. He really enjoys emptying the contents of one container into another, particularly liquid, so water play will also be a necessity if the weather is fine! It's become a bit of a tradition after dropping L off to daycare taking B to the park in the shopping centre to run around while I have a coffee for a while. It's our special time together. And actually, it wasn't until last week when my dad was watching my youngest so that I could get L his vaccinations and he and I were walking holding hands that I realised how little time we get together just us. It's easy to get side tracked and distracted when both boys are together and hard to balance the amount of attention each is getting. Maybe next year when I get B into daycare as well I'll send him on a different day so that L and I get time alone.

Anyhoo, I've got a pile of felt in front of me I'm about to chop into, and then I am definitely going to sleep! Oh so very tired after a 3am bedtime last night. No, no. Don't feel sorry for me, my friend and I just had a lot of wine.

I'll check in tomorrow with how some of our activities went, maybe you'll find something helpful for your own kidlets.


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