Friday, 27 October 2017

Makeup tips and tricks I gleaned from watching too many beauty channels that I will now put into practice for you to try.

Well helllllloooo, and welcome to makeup tips and tricks etc...the prologue! This series will be where an average looking non-beauty blogger who has a passion for makeup passes on some handy tidbits to whomever may be reading. I, like many others, am addicted to watching makeup tutorials.
I didn't 'seriously' start wearing it until earlier this year after a couple of {NikkieTutorials} videos left me with my mouth hanging open and wondering if I could do that too. She was the first beauty channel I'd ever seen thanks to that viral 'Power of Makeup' video that I happened to see on Facebook. (I want to add in here that since learning of certain friendships and under-the-rug dodgy dealings which you can search yourself at {Here For The Tea} I've cooled a bit toward Nikkie as a person BUT I do think she has incredible skill and I still watch her channel). I say seriously because previously my makeup consisted of some foundation, possibly a face base underneath (which I've since learnt is called primer! I didn't know that at the time), mascara, an attempt at eyeliner with a pencil and some lip stuff that wasn't too out there because I didn't want to draw attention to myself. I also used colour correcting green stuff entirely wrong and I really wish I had a photo of that for you *cough* actually I'm happy I don't have one. NOW I use lots of shit on my face, have a reasonable idea of how to apply it and with what, AND get this, I enjoy it!
 I know, typical girl right? Typical high maintenance woman who is just too much trouble for men and pays too much attention to herself? Ugh, how awful. NOT. Fuck your stereotypes and shaming, and fuck your beauty standards while you're at it. I didn't want to wear makeup like the other (what I considered) pretty girls did because I thought I was too ugly for it and I'd look stupid. News flash... ANYONE CAN WEAR MAKEUP. You also hear people fling around the phrase 'do whatever you want, there are no rules with makeup'. I gotta say after watching a lot of (as Christine of Simply Nailogical puts it) beautiful people tell me what looks good and what supposedly doesn't I think the hypocrisy might be a little strong. You can do what you want! But not that, nuh uh gurrrrl, gross. Seriously you do you, I do, and it's oh so pleasurable *wink wink*
Right, so this isn't about what you should or shouldn't be doing, it's some shit I learned about makeup that made a light bulb in my head go MOTHERFUCKING PING and suddenly the world started to make sense. I've been keeping track of these mystical things in a notepad file on my other laptop, the one with the broken keyboard, that I haven't added to since my keyboard died. I do anything that involves typing on this really rather old but still surprisingly functional ASUS. I can get my new(er) one fixed but I don't have the external hard drive space to clear it off first at the moment... wow, why would you even want to know that. There you go! Had enough of my rambling yet? Yes? Allllrighty then. 

I was torn between throwing all the tips in one blog post or spreading them out over a few posts (listen to me talking like I have some life changing beauty secrets to impart HA!) and I think I'm going to go with spreading them out. The reason behind that being that I am desperate for readers and need you to keep coming back. Just kidding, that's not it. The real reason is because I'd actually like to show you the difference between doing something one way and trying it in another way, and the amount of time and effort I'd need to invest in turning that into one blog post just isn't practical for me. I've only just discovered that after years of DSLR ownership I can actually record video on my camera. An incredible 'derp' moment for me but handy to know because I'd like to do a couple of mini videos as well.

Now that I've feel I've given the run down and explained what I'd like to do I better go start putting it all together! I know it's totally weird but I always feel this need to explain myself and my goings-on in detail in a 'word vomit' fashion...the people who know me and talk to me regularly have probably experienced this. My actual verbal conversation is just as unstructured and sporadically chopping and changing so this is all perfectly normal Tash-behaviour. 

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