Monday, 30 October 2017

Putting makeup on my face

Tasha's Tips
Green cancels out any redness you have on your face,
in my case redness and scarring from childhood
When applying foundation, push it slightly into your hairline to avoid that mask like line. Also if using a makeup sponge like my BB knock off or spongy butt plug to apply foundation, blend it into the skin for longer than you think you need to. Funnily enough just adding another 10-20 seconds to the mashing foundation into my face step helps to a) keep my face from looking cake-y, and b) ensures a really even coverage.
If you're unsure if your foundation is too dark/light, do the double chin test! If your face matches your double chin, you're sweet.
Powder photo, y so serious? Why? WHY? 300% markup on the powder in Australia, that's why. $5 in the states, $18 here. Plus shipping because you can only get it online of course. It's so good, and you get so much of it which is awesome, but yeah. Price sucks arse. I use a little powder on my face; I only take a small amount on my brush and use the lid to swirl around in to avoid tapping off too much excess because I need to make this shit last as long as humanely possible!! I will put extra over the bridge of my nose where my glasses sit to help set that into place, although I think those spectacle wearers among us are just doomed to always have foundation shift on our noses for all eternity. 
In regards to under eye baking, which is putting a thicker layer of powder over the concealer to prevent creases and line, it's not going to magic away your crows feet and smile lines... I may not have any high end makeup products like the Tarte Shape Tape everyone harps on about but I have used a fair few cheaper ones and have never once achieved that whole 'look, magic! Bags and lines be gone!' thing that happens in the videos. I've tried, but it just doesn't work for me, my dry skin will be playing a part in that too. Baking still helps to make sure the foundation and concealer doesn't settle into your lines though. That tends to look a little gross when it happens.
Brows I do with a super dooper cheap brush I got on ebay in a set when I first started out. The quality of the bigger ones were so awful I ended up throwing them out but kept the smaller ones as they're handy for eyes and lips. My eyebrows are definitely sisters and not twins. I'm not blessed with identical eyebrows. I could MAKE them identical if I really tried however my hairs are long, thick, and dark, but sparse, so I can't draw outside of my natural brow shape, and therefore just do the best I can filling in the gaps. I find that because of my glasses I don't have to worry about them being too bold as they're partly hidden anyway, so that's a bonus!
If you're going to contour your nose, take it all the way up your nose to your brow! Otherwise the line just kinda ends and looks strange. I'm not the greatest at contour, or bronzer for that matter, but I try haha
Blush...  I pop it on the apples of my cheeks and then I blend it back above my contour and into my bronzer. My features are close together and I have a big face so I struggle to get my makeup looking cohesive all over and not just centered. I don't know if that makes sense. Tip! Sweep a teeny bit of the same blush over the bridge of your nose and it gives you a really cute glow! Don't make it a bold line, just take what you've got left on your brush and flush it over once or twice.I also don't use blush very strongly because I don't have a full coverage foundation, and my cheeks will flush throughout the day and be visible under whatever corrector, foundation, concealer I put over them. I also worry that it'll look really obvious... is that weird? That's probably why I blend the living shit out of everything, I'm scared it'll look bad! Or obvious? But that defeats the point of spending money on makeup... Oh god. Moving on!!
Eye shadow primer works in the same way as concealer does under your eyes, or you can use concealer on your eyelids as well. Whichever you use and if it's a cream, take a little of your face powder and brush it over with a fluffy brush to set it in place, this will give you a smooth even surface to work on. That tip has actually helped me with my eye makeup application, and they're just extra little steps to prevent your colour from fading off your lids throughout the day.
My eyeballs are also sisters and not twins. Thanks to astigmatism I will probably never have matching eyeliner. But again, glasses kind of cover that anyway so who cares! "When in doubt, blend it out" well I blend for fucking AGES. You don't have to blend for as long as I do, I'm just weird. And always in doubt apparently. To make my point I've included a short video of my blending my eye's only a natural eye look and I don't use the colour too strongly but I still blend forever! 

Stuff I Used
  • Beauty blender knock off from kmart and a spongy butt plug
  • Coty Airspun translucent powder
  • MUD defining contour and highlighting palette -Woolworths, got it for $4 on sale
  • Define-A-Lash by Maybelline - Also on sale. First time trying it out, not overly impressed
  • Milani eye shadow primer - good stuff this one!
  • LA Girl inspiring brow kit in dark - I use a dark brown and not black on my brows typically
  • Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner in blackest black - been using this stuff for ages, not the greatest out there but I like it. It doesn't crumbled off which is a huge plus! The Nude By Nature one crumbles. 
  • SPF 50+ sunscreen - essential!! - Apply after moisturer but before primer
  • e.l.f Daily moisture stick - before sunscreen. I have an extremely dry nose, I do what I can to help it
  • prime thy face! 
  • e.l.f Poreless Face Primer - smells like tea tree, silicone based
  • Mermaid salon chubby brush - new addition to the collection... GREAT for nose contour, it's very dense and precise
  • L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau Du Tent in 150 nude beige - Doesn't have that slipperiness to it after application that some of the other cheapie brands do which I like 
  • LA Girl pro concealer in porcelain - accidentally threw out the next shade down, this is a smidgen too light for me
  • BYS Correct and Conceal palette - hey it covers my dark circles, and it's cheap! It's a creamy, wax based one but blends really nicely even on my dry skin
  • A plethora of various drugstore brushes which I won't list because most don't even have names on them.
  • And the Ashley Tisdale BH Cosmetics Beach Goddess face palette for bronze, blush, eye shadow, and highlight (it was on sale on Cosmetic Capital and looked pretty, after trying it today I really like it!
So there you have it! What do you think? Is it helpful in any way? Do you want more of this type of thing? Leave me a comment and let me know! And if you want to keep up with my posts you can follow me using the social media buttons at the top of the page, subscribe via email, or join the blog with Google. 

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