Monday, 27 November 2017

Paintings from the past week

It's been a Christmas-y themed past few days in my painting, with a little aura borealis thrown in for good measure. I go through phases of enjoying my Winsor Newton pans and Mont Marte tubes. I get a better pigment from the WN but I love the ease of tubes. It's why I alternate between the two! 
Free Tutorial by {The Frugal Crafter
Free Tutorial by {Andrew Geeson}

Free Tutorial by {Andrew Geeson}
Just something I came up with 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Dragonfly Details {Worldless Wednesday}

dragonfly photography

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tasha's Top 5 Favourite Christmas Card Tutorials

Helloooo again people of the blogosphere! How are we all? How are those Christmas plans coming long? Oh, mine? They aren't, really, but I hoped that this might kick start me into the Xmas spirit. What I have for you in this post is a roundup of the best 5 Youtube watercolour Christmas card tutorials that I've personally tried and tested! I'll list those below along with the examples of my own work I'm a fan of anything that looks effective and is fast so there isn't anything here that's too detailed or complicated. I was able to make these over two day's worth of child nap periods (which thankfully they both still do! Mumma needs her craft/reading/painting/alone/nap time)
You can make them all with:
  • watercolour paper of any weight (I'm using an A3 Arches 300gsm sheet torn down to smaller pieces)
  • watercolour paints (do the kids have a basic watercolour pan somewhere? They work!)
  • a black and/or white felt tip pen. If you don't have a white gel pen and want to add in any white, try using a white acrylic instead. 
  • handful of different sized brushes. You could probably do them all with one sized brush if that's what you've got on hand! I like my 16 round and a few of my smaller round tipped brushes (4 and 6) for all of these
  • You also don't need any particular kind of watercolour for these, I'm using Monte Marte squeezie tubes! 
  • Optional: use washi tape if you want a nice clean edge on your paintings. Alternatively just trim them afterward 
Let's get into it!

1. Easy Ornaments by Murielle 
Very simple but very beautiful! I added some white gel pen sparkles to mine for something extra
2. 5 DIY Watercolour Christmas Cards by Dream Believe Do Repeat. 
There are 5 super simple tutorials in this video! I've tried all of these, very beginner friendly!. Tip: for that wreath, don't draw individual leaves, simply touch the tip of your brush to the paper to create an instant leaf shape.How cute are those little sleepy birds in hats?!
3. The WashiTape Tree Method 
 This is so cool! All you do is mark out a triangle with washi tape, wet the paper, dab on your shades of green wherever you like so they bleed together (remember not to touch the paint to the paper too much or you'll muddy the colours), leave it dry, take off the tape and ta da! As you can see it's very similar to the handpainting method shown above, it's simply another way of doing things :-)
4. Watercolours - Easy Holiday Cards Painting Tutorial by Maria Raczynska 
This beautiful bluebird is the first of a few tutorials in this video but I've only tried the one. This is a time lapse tutorial and better for an intermediate skill level. I didn't have all the exact colours she lists, from what I can tell the 'neutral tint' is a sepia tone? If you've got a bit of experience you'll find this is very rewarding to paint.
5. Watercolor Tutorial - How To Paint A Christmas Night Landscape by ART TV by Fantasvale
This one is so easy and so beautiful! I really enjoyed this one. It's a good example of how simple techniques give gorgeous results.Wet onto wet painting is the best part of watercolour painting, I just love how the colours blur and bleed together to create something amazing. To paint the trees just flick your brush back and forth, try not to make it a solid block of colour. For the stars I dipped an old paintbrush in white acrylic and flicked it down... if you don't have an old toothbrush in your watercolours tools I highly recommend adding one!
What do you think? Will you give any of these a try? Which one is your favourite?

I've been deciding whether or not to put up a tutorial of my own on the blog, I was actually going to add it into this post today but I wanted to get this post up and published so here we are! I may still do that this week if I have time :-) I'd definitely like to!

Sunday, 19 November 2017


Helllooo people of the internet! Today I bring you rainbows of awesomeness! Yesterday was a stressful day for me just in general, you know those days when you're just tense from the get-go? My plans got cancelled on Friday night (AGAIN, two weekends running.), the kids were just full on go go go, and I was in need of some serious chill. In {Not Beauty News} recently I saw that someone had uploaded the most incredible rainbow eye shadow look in honour of the stats being release that the majority of Australians want to allow same sex marriage (YAHOO) and I thought 'hey I wonder if I can do that'? My colours aren't as vivid as hers were, there are some seriously kickarse multicoloured jewel-toned palettes out there that I simply don't possess BUT I was able to find enough in my own collection to give this a shot!

The colours used are as follows: 
Spoiled (red) - Yes, Please by Colourpop 
Chauffeur (orange) - Yes, Please by Colourpop 
 Mischief (yellow) - Yes, Please by Colourpop 
E10 (green) - Sleek iDivine original 
Midnight (blue) - Springtime in Paris by Jouer 
Amethyst (purple) - Springtime in Paris by Jouer 
White - some shitty W7 quad I've had for ages 
Cool-toned Brown - A retired disused brow powder from a supposed 'dark' palette that I've given new life to as eye shadow. 
Lips are Australis 'Velourlips' matte lip creme in the shade 'Bae-Jing', with a Kmart brand gloss over the top (the Australis matte lip cremes are so damn uncomfortable on their own). You'll notice I changed from the red in the video to the pink for the photos above... I'm still mastering red. I haven't yet found something that I don't feel totally 'blegh' in. 
Music is by a talented friend of mine, and I've included the song names and where you can find them in the credits. Stay tuned til the end, I do a check-in video :-) I hope it isn't too boring for you! I just like filming the processes. Excuse all the dumb faces I pull and my eternal resting bitch face x 
P.s my eyeliner ain't straight, but then neither am I! 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Duping the z-palette

If you don't know what a z-palette is, it's an empty magnetic case to store single eye shadows pots and they range anywhere from about $20 to $50 (or more) depending what brand makes them. Now I've had a handful of neutral eye shadow quads I've been wanting to de-pot and put together into a similar palette for some time so this morning I had the brain fart of setting out to find a dupe! What I found was an ultra cool Toy Story magnetic play set in the kids craft aisle in Big W for about $7.50. I then went in search of a magnetic sheet which I found in Crazy Bargain Warehouse (after searching The Reject Shop and only finding P-Plates which would have worked perfectly fine as well). 

Had I not found a tin I was going to construct something out of cardboard and patterned ducttape, I may still do that if I'm feeling inspired. That way it'll have a clear lid and I can get my DIY on a bit more... I do doing that! If I do, I'll be sure to share the process :-) 
This method doesn't involve using heat to loosen the glue but you've got to be really gentle not to break the shadows. The metal pans are softer than I expected 
Ready to toss out that black and re purpose the three brown shades from my old Wax It Brow palette! These will make great transition shades 
My LA Girl eyebrow quad was annoyingly mounted in foam layers, which I didn't realise until I'd tried to take one of the shades off using the needle method. I've actually broken my fave eyebrow powder that I'm using in {Project Pan} this month :( It's fixable, I'll just need to get some isopropyl alcohol and repress it The other two shades which were way too light for my brows I've added into my Toy Story tin to use as eye shadows. 

I shared a photo of this in {Not Beauty News} and my post has over 130 likes! 
What do you think? SO much cuter than a plain 'ole boring box hehe And the main thing being that I now have somewhere to collate my odds and ends shadows. Check another one of those 'I'll get around to that sometime' things off my mental list woohoo! 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Photo Friday

Today I took a photo every hour from when I woke up at 6am until 6pm in the evening, just for something different. So without further ado, on with the collage of our day! It's not very exciting I'm afraid, but it was our day nonetheless. All I did was set a timer on my phone for an hour then when it went off I snapped a pic of whatever it was I was doing at the time.

I thought I could make it a regular thing on a Friday starting today.

{6am}Wake up call from L who wanted to watch a show on my laptop in bed

{7am} Coffffeeeee

{8am} The kids made nests on the lounge because they get up too early

{9am}I took last weeks nail polish off and over about an hour reapplied a new colour. I've ruined my right hand already

{10am} At the Reject Shop looking for magnetic sheets for a project; blog post on that coming tomorrow!

{11am} Snack attack and a play at Maccas before walking home

{12pm} L is sticking Toy Story magnets to the fridge

{1pm} I de-potted a few shades of eye shadow

{2pm} A bit of photo editing

{3pm} Insert  brief nap here

{4pm} I fall off the front step and land on my ankle. It doesn't hurt too badly at the moment, just tender in places. I'll know what damage I did by later tonight

{5pm} It's that time of day... Witching Hour!!

{6pm} Looking out the window wondering if it will rain or not

Thursday, 16 November 2017

RawBeautyKristi's ABH Prism Palette Eye Shadow Look

In today's post I try to recreate an eye shadow look using shades already in my collection. The look I'll be trying out because I just ADORE the colours is the look {RawBeautyKristi} does in her review of the ABH Prism palette. I of course don't own that palette but I'm sure I have similar shades and can probably mix that green. The lashes won't be happening because my glasses prevent me from wearing anything too extravagant, and the astigmatism in my eyes makes fitting full strip lashes very difficult (but not impossible). I love that Kristi doesn't line her upper lid in this look and I feel that may work for me in that my eyes are extremely hooded and by the time I add liner I've covered from of my mobile lid. I tried my first ever concealer cut-crease earlier in the year and despite a little difficulty applying it in a clean-ish line I absolutely love the effect it gave! Funnily enough I never actually considered doing it to apply a brighter shade over the top of, which is very silly of me. And the white liner as a base for bottom lashes? Fucking brilliant!! I'll be trying that out, too.

I've made a video of myself applying this look to my eyes, and I'll be sure to include a few photos as well. My camera was having epic focusing issues *sigh* sorry!!  Primed eyelids with Milani Eyeshadow Primer in 01 Nude, set with Coty Airspun translucent powder, and cut with Boiing Industrial Strength Concealer by Benefit. I don't really enjoy this concealer, it's waxy and just shifts around in my opinion, and not particularly industrial strength. But I paid a lot for it back in June so I need to use it. I'm hoping it'll grow on me.

Every time I use blue and green on my skin tone I'm reminded how much I hate blue and green on my skin tone. But I gave it a shot! What do you think? I wore it to hang out the washing and cook the kid's dinner. #mumlife, right? ;)

Monday, 13 November 2017

Moon in Virgo tarot reading

Sometimes there are questions that only the tarot can answer. I've been carrying around in a knot in the chest for some time now and today I turned to the cards to help me find out why. While shuffling I simply asked to untie this knot I've been feeling, tell me what I need to know, give me some clarity. The three cards I pulled are Five of Fire, Eight of Air, Six of Fire. The progression from five to six is numerically significant, there is movement there. Elementally Earth between Fire makes for a high energy spread which fits in with how I've been feeling anxiety wise.
Five of Fire - Other people holding different goals and values, there's a disagreement on how to proceed. No one person came to mind when I saw that and I definitely feel the conflict is within myself and my priorities right now.
Eight of Air - I didn't consider this but I needn't stay feeling stuck and trapped if I don't want to, it just SEEMS like there isn't a way out. The advice this card gives me is to have more confidence in my abilities, see the truth in the situation, and move forward with faith. Well, THANK YOU! Confidence has been extremely lacking.
Six of Fire - Achievement and success, people thinking highly of me, good reputation. The result of having made good decisions and working hard; good news is coming. That's encouraging as fuck! It is all going to end well! There are some things I need to do first but it will get better.

To dissect the spread further I asked for the top three competing factors the Five of Fire indicated. The Hermit (tired of being alone, while also needing more alone time is what came to mind), The World (in the sense of being a competing goal I would say it's telling me I'm trying to reach a place of satisfaction, comfort, happiness), and Nine of Air (which is my theme card for this month) which initially I saw as waking from the nightmare but seeing this card appear again tells me that I still haven't done the thing I'm meant to have done. It's true I am expecting the worst, that may be because when I knew this card was my theme for this month I started to dread it, and rightly so! It isn't a pleasant card. There's another numerical progression here from the eight to the nine of air. It seems unfair to wake from the nightmare and break free of self-imprisonment only to then expect the absolute worst and feel trapped all over again. Like, come on!! The WORST pair of cards to get in the same reading in my opinion. Ugh. Because of this I asked for a clarification and I drew the Three of Earth. A little light bulb went *ping* because it just reaffirmed to me my total lack of confidence in my creative abilities lately, both literally (my hiatus from painting) and my ability to come up with creative solutions to problems I may be having.

I don't know if The World is a bad thing or a good thing. Typically it's a positive card of completion, being the final major arcana in the deck, but in answer to my question in the place of a competing goal or detail I'm unsure. I would think striving toward The World would be a positive, and maybe it is? Maybe I'm trying to go about it the wrong way, or at least not in the most effective way. Maybe I'm expecting 'The World'. A competing goal doesn't necessarily mean that the goals themselves are not right for me, it just means that it's not the focus and I'm not prioritizing.

The Hermit is definitely interesting to me and I'm not at all surprised to see it there. I'm simultaneously tired of being alone in one aspect (my dating life...good grief don't get me started), and needing more alone time from another (my day to day home life). It's also reminded me to reconnect to my spiritual side, that has been very much lacking in my life. I need to start carrying my crystals in my pocket and bra, setting intentions again, paying attention to the lunar phases, just bringing myself back to my center. If I were to check what zodiac the moon is currently in it would probable give me an 'ah ha' moment.. I'll be right back...
Ha! Yep. Virgo. From {}
Attention towards details is on the increase, with a tendency to fault-finding, cleanliness and neatness. It is a good time to undertake routine, painstaking work, and to search for and correct errors. 
That would be it!  Fault finding in my life and REALLY intolerant to mess and clutter at the moment. Everything feels like too much work lately, or maybe that's just because I'm burning out haha

What I got from all this is that I need a clearer plan of attack. A definite action plan, and to do some prioritizing. I also need to spend some introspective time thinking about what it is I truly want because I think I'm attracting the same things over and over because I expect them to happen. That needs to change. And I NEED creativity in my life. I have been doing the odd crafty thing, but watercolours are my passion and I haven't been devoting the time to that. It sparks a joy I can't find anywhere else! I'm lucky enough to know what that feels like so why waste the opportunity to nurture it? Now go stick some Tiger Ore in your bra, Tash, and have a little courage in yourself!

Edit: Whoops! The deck I'm using is Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot. I personally couldn't give two fucks about that woman or all the drama with her, but this was my first ever tarot deck and I trust it wholly.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Christmas Crafts - cardboard stars

Hellloooo people of the internet! Tasha here today with a Christmas craft idea involving cardboard toilet rolls, paint, glitter, and glue! I've been collecting ours for a number of months to use for crafts and while strolling the aisles at Kmart I noticed all the Christmas decorations, then had an idea! I didn't come up with this clever little craft, my idea was only to google 'Christmas decorations with cardboard rolls' and then create something similar to what I'd see in the image search results... not greatly original, I know. They are however really cute, quick, easy, and if you were feeling bold you could make them with your kids. I didn't... there's a time to let a 4 and a 2.5 play with loose glitter and today was not that day. I've made a few and photographed the process for you to follow along if you so desire, and when our decorations go up in another week (earlier this year because my boys will be away with their dad the first half of December) I'll get some snaps of our stars in action. I thought I'd make some different styles too and we'd put them on the tree!
Paint the inside and outside of your toilet roll tubes (after you've used the toilet paper. I wouldn't recommend trying to paint them before. You can try though if you want :p) 
To tip the stars in glitter fold your tube in half and run glue 1/3 across the edge on both sides, don't forget the put glue on the fold! 
Yeah, you'll never get rid of it now. It's everywhere. But at Christmas time there is usually glitter everywhere from baubles and what not anyway, right? 
I used the ruler for the first three and then just eyeballed the rest
I used hot glue to stick my segments together but glue stick would work if you don't mind holding them together a bit longer while they dry, or dry pegging them together. 
Tap off the excess glitter again once your stars are dry
Ta da! 
As for hanging you could glue on some string or twine loops to the tops or simply thread them through a length of tinsel or ribbon. Maybe even pop a little decoration hook through the top of one of the points?

Will you give these a go? If you do let me know! And if you enjoyed my post today I'd love it if you followed along with me via any of the social medias at the top of the page, via Google Followers, or subscribe via email to get my posts straight to your inbox! :-)

Project Pan #1 November 2017

It's a well known fact that the more we practice something the better we get at it. I'd like to get better at doing my makeup and after watching a few Project Pan videos on Youtube lately I think I'm going to set aside some of my products to use in my own project. I'd like to improve my application skills and also my application speed which I think will come with gaining a bit more confidence in how I use it. At the moment I blend for so long it's probably unnecessary. I'd therefore like to start my own Project Pan this year (no point waiting til next year when I can just start now) using the products I've shown below. Every month I'll check back in with progress until I've used them up.
1 and 2. I've been double priming lately and I've found that has been helping everything to sit smoothly on my face, so two primers I'll be using are the e.l.f Poreless Face Primer and the BYS Foundation Primer 'Luminising'. The e.l.f primer is in a thick frosted bottle and I can't see through it with a torch at all so that one I will only know how much I've used once it's all gone. The BYS primer I've marked with a sharpie line and will measure again in a month.

3. The foundation I actually have two bottles of so I'd like to use up one of those and that is the Woolworths brand MUD Flawless Finish foundation in 02 soft beige. I do like this one, I'd say it's a light to medium coverage foundation but it does a nice job of evening out my skin tone and is very comfortable to wear. I don't find it greasy or sticky or anything and it wears well.

4. Next I'd like to use up the green and peach shades in my BYS Conceal and Correct palette. I've already hit pan on the peach shade and am close to hitting pan on the green. I don't have any use for the other four shades in that particular palette so I'll likely throw it away once I've used up the two.

5. Now contour is a thing I'd really like to get more confident with. I've been picking up tips and am enjoying using a contour powder. My goal is to hit pan on the cool shade in this MUD Defining Contour and Highlighting palette quad. I do actually use the two highlighters in this one and I like them both, they're very soft and subtle wet look glows. The bronzer is just a bit too warm for me but it's a great transition eye shadow. For now though I just want to hit pan and ideally then use up the contour.

6. For brows I've been loving the Inspiring L.A Girl Brow Kit in 'dark' brow powder. I actually prefer using the dark brown in this palette in my brows rather than black. You can see I've made a little dip in the pan. The other two shades I don't really use at all. You know what I'd love to do... I'd love to buy or make a Z-Palette and de-pot the shades I don't use from other palettes like this one and the contour palette and put them all together in the one spot for use as eye shadow. I'll keep an eye out for some Z-Palette dupe tutorials and see what I can do there. It can't be hard to line a slim container with a magnetic sheet.

7. A powder I'd like to totally use up is the Cover Girl loose powder in 110 translucent light. This powder is better than the Coty Airspun for the under eyes on me but I generally don't like it for two reasons. Firstly because it contains little specs of sparkles and I don't like that in a setting powder, and secondly because it claims to be light translucent but it actually quite pigmented. As for how it sits on my face I don't mind it, it does have that 'your mum's makeup bag' scent to it though. You know the smell I'm talking about, you'd recognise it in an instant.

8. I do have quite a few blushers and the majority are stick blushers. I have a feeling they are going to take a LONG time to use up but for now I'd like to focus on one powder blush and that is the L'Oreal Paris Le Blush in 90 Luminous Rose. Blush is going to be light highlight in that it will take ages to use up or at the very least ages to hit pan on. This particular powder is very stiff in the pan and very sparkly but I do like the shade of pink on my skin.

9. Highlight. Now I have a few highlighters but the one I've been using most lately is the Mermaid Salon Tokyo Lights palette and I've been loving this shade. It's kind of a pale copper but on my skin it's quite light. I feel because it's summer I can probably branch out of my comfort zone a little and start to use highlight on my body as well as my face. You really don't use much per application of these types of products and it kind of reminds you that you have too many to use in a life time. Unless I cover my body in it daily and glow, baby, glow, which I'm not totally against.Aim: hit pan on that shade!!

10. Bronzing is something I've only just started to do, I was scared of it to be honest. I'm learning how to apply it and the fear is slowly subsiding. By the time I get through this BH Floral Blush in Bahama Bronze I should be a pro! How pretty is it! I love the floral design, I'm sad I'm aiming to swirl it away into nothingness.

11. A lip product. I've chosen a gloss because it's comfortable, easy to reapply on the fly, and can be used over the top of other shades especially my mattes. I'm going to try and use up this Rimmel Stay Glossy in 260 My Eternity. I have three different shades of this gloss and I really like them! They're shiny, not sticky, layer up well, and the shades are nice and nude which is actually why I got them.

12. For concealer I've been enjoying this Rimmel Wake Me Up in very light/fair. It's nearly empty as you can see by this photo, I shone a torch from underneath and you can definitely see where the wand has been scraping the sides. It shouldn't take me too much longer to finish this one up.

13. This setting spray sucks. It smells WAY too strongly of 'cucumber', stings my eyelids a bit, and does a weird patchy thing on my skin. It's not my fave and it has to go! I'd like to use up my current sprays so I can put a good one on Afterpay like the Urban Decay All Nighter or the MAC Fix Plus.
I really hope this challenge encourages me to use my makeup more often and to explore application methods. I'm excited to get into it and see how I go! If you want to follow along on my Project Pan journey then be sure to subscribe to my blog via email or Google Follow, or check out my Twitter where I'll also be posting my #projectpan.

And before I go I just want to include this pumpkin watercolour. I actually haven't painted any watercolours in over two months now for various reasons and since I had today off I thought I'd just force myself to pick up a brush. I'm not happy with this at all but I really have missed it, I'll strive to dip my brush into paint again soon and rekindle that passion.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

2018 Diary/Planner Flip Through

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing a short video flip-through of the 2018 planner I've been working on these past few weeks. I've included all that I think I will include at this stage, I want to leave it as bare as possible (resisting to urge to over-decorate the pages) so I have plenty of space to use next year. I get a bit carried away sometimes. What I've done is divided my months into sections leaving a few pages free in each section for notes and other stuff. On each weekday page I've included a personal check list for daily workouts, a space for notes, a to-do list, and a budget as I do that from week to week. I also included the moon phases, new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter along with the sign the moon will be in to my months. It's something I tend to check from time to time if I'm feeling particularly strongly in someway, I find the lunar cycle has something to do with that! So that's in there for easy reference. Next year I'll add in things like bin days, pay days, times the kids with be with their dad, all that regular stuff once I have concrete times/dates.
I've also popped in a monthly tarot theme section because I will be doing my 12 month year-ahead reading for 2018 as I have the past two years and it's really handy having it right there at the beginning of each month. I may also jot it in at the bottom of the weekly pages too just for reference.

So that's it! I did it! If you want to check out the earlier post I made about this planner in progress you can see that {HERE}. I've also got a Christmas craft post happening so that will go up sometime in the next week YAY! Finally using up my stash of toilet rolls I've been collecting. If you follow me on Instagram there's a sneak peak there... if you don't follow me by all means you're welcome to! The photo grid to the right is my most current IG photo stream (click on it and it'll take you to my account), or you can search 'deardoilydudette' and find me that way.

I apologise for the choppy editing in my video, too... I'm still learning how to do all that properly :-) But super excited to be including videos in my posts now!!!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Tidying up my yard

That's me! Hello! L took the photo for me from atop the slide, I love how B is just standing there, little tummy poking out hehe
Ok so my yard is a fucking mess. Not the grassy bit but the garden beds and surrounding and frankly it's driving me absolutely batty, today I decided was the day I did something about it! The kids and I spent the majority of yesterday outside ripping out weeds and filling the green bin. The Christmas decorations were still up under the BBQ area from last year too so I decided to pull all those down as well. True, I could have left them up for this Christmas but they were pretty spider-infested and sun damaged. Why were they still up? Because it just wasn't on my priority radar and you know how things just stay as they are sometimes because you're just used to it being that way? That's what happened.
It wasn't until recently that I had a flower garden put in to take care of, courtesy of my mum, and to be honest that motivated me to get in and do some tidying up in other areas of my yard. I even popped some sunflowers in and they've started to sprout, a boost to my gardening confidence! I just honestly thought it was never my thing and so I never tried!
Among the jobs that need doing are pulling out the old rotten wooden gate and putting the new one in, tackling the overgrowth around the shed and in the courtyard (there's an old truck tire in there I'd like to turn into a herb garden), going down the other side of the house and taking out the weed there, and lastly to build a new garden edge to put some veggies in. I had the kids start painting some rocks yesterday afternoon for that, I thought that would add some colour and get them involved :-)

Saturday, 4 November 2017

DIY eyeshadow palette holder

To quote Bigweld from Robots "see a need, fill a need!" and I needed an eyeshadow palette storage solution. What I COULD have done was go to Kmart and find something cheap to do the trick but while looking at the box my Colourpop order came in that morning, and remembering my other makeup caddy is also made from a cardboard box, I thought I'd just make myself something. I already have paint, brushes, the lace, hot glue gun, so why not? All I did was cut off the lid and use it to make the dividers by cutting them to size and gluing the tabs inside the main box part. Then I painted the box in a few coats of pink acrylic, let it dry, and added the black lace with hot glue. Ta da! Does the job, just the right size since I don't have a very large palette collection (y so essspensive?!), and re-purposing the packaging. And here is the finished product :-)

What's in there? Well, from back to front I've got the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette (would LOVE the entire Zoeva palette collection and full brush set... when I win lotto), Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar which I thought was going to be a knockoff (as it was $8 on eBay) but turned out to be a legitimate one hugely discounted because of old packaging (you should have seen my happy dance when I realised... SUCH a good score. Around a $70 saving on that), the Yes, Please palette by Colourpop because it's a dupe for Natasha Denona's Sunset palette which I will never in my life lay my hands upon as it's CRAZY expensive. Then I've got the Colourpop My Little Pony palette which is absolutely divine... I've never rushed to purchase something that was restocked before but this time I did. Really wish this brand was readily available over here in Australia, the matte lip cream is bloody amazing. The pink and gold spotty one is the Jouer Springtime in Paris palette, next to that is the Sleek iDivine original, then the Ashley Tisdale x BH 'Illuminate Beach Goddess' palette which I found on sale, and last of all is a very shimmery metal e.l.f palette that the lovely {Whimsey Nessa} sent to me in a care package from the US this year. Aside from a handful of little essence, rimmel, and W7 quads of neutrals that's the extent of my collection. Oh how I'd love to add Marc Jacobs, or Stila, Natasha Denona, and so many others but that shit costs more than I spend on groceries in a week... and given I have about $5 between now and next Friday for a carton of milk I'd say they're a litttttle bit out of my reach. P.s damn you, electricity bill. Damn you indeed. 

How I got back in control of my anxiety

Has anyone else found the past week or so especially more stressful and difficult emotionally and stress-level wise than normal? I certainly...