Thursday, 9 November 2017

2018 Diary/Planner Flip Through

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing a short video flip-through of the 2018 planner I've been working on these past few weeks. I've included all that I think I will include at this stage, I want to leave it as bare as possible (resisting to urge to over-decorate the pages) so I have plenty of space to use next year. I get a bit carried away sometimes. What I've done is divided my months into sections leaving a few pages free in each section for notes and other stuff. On each weekday page I've included a personal check list for daily workouts, a space for notes, a to-do list, and a budget as I do that from week to week. I also included the moon phases, new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter along with the sign the moon will be in to my months. It's something I tend to check from time to time if I'm feeling particularly strongly in someway, I find the lunar cycle has something to do with that! So that's in there for easy reference. Next year I'll add in things like bin days, pay days, times the kids with be with their dad, all that regular stuff once I have concrete times/dates.
I've also popped in a monthly tarot theme section because I will be doing my 12 month year-ahead reading for 2018 as I have the past two years and it's really handy having it right there at the beginning of each month. I may also jot it in at the bottom of the weekly pages too just for reference.

So that's it! I did it! If you want to check out the earlier post I made about this planner in progress you can see that {HERE}. I've also got a Christmas craft post happening so that will go up sometime in the next week YAY! Finally using up my stash of toilet rolls I've been collecting. If you follow me on Instagram there's a sneak peak there... if you don't follow me by all means you're welcome to! The photo grid to the right is my most current IG photo stream (click on it and it'll take you to my account), or you can search 'deardoilydudette' and find me that way.

I apologise for the choppy editing in my video, too... I'm still learning how to do all that properly :-) But super excited to be including videos in my posts now!!!

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