Sunday, 12 November 2017

Christmas Crafts - cardboard stars

Hellloooo people of the internet! Tasha here today with a Christmas craft idea involving cardboard toilet rolls, paint, glitter, and glue! I've been collecting ours for a number of months to use for crafts and while strolling the aisles at Kmart I noticed all the Christmas decorations, then had an idea! I didn't come up with this clever little craft, my idea was only to google 'Christmas decorations with cardboard rolls' and then create something similar to what I'd see in the image search results... not greatly original, I know. They are however really cute, quick, easy, and if you were feeling bold you could make them with your kids. I didn't... there's a time to let a 4 and a 2.5 play with loose glitter and today was not that day. I've made a few and photographed the process for you to follow along if you so desire, and when our decorations go up in another week (earlier this year because my boys will be away with their dad the first half of December) I'll get some snaps of our stars in action. I thought I'd make some different styles too and we'd put them on the tree!
Paint the inside and outside of your toilet roll tubes (after you've used the toilet paper. I wouldn't recommend trying to paint them before. You can try though if you want :p) 
To tip the stars in glitter fold your tube in half and run glue 1/3 across the edge on both sides, don't forget the put glue on the fold! 
Yeah, you'll never get rid of it now. It's everywhere. But at Christmas time there is usually glitter everywhere from baubles and what not anyway, right? 
I used the ruler for the first three and then just eyeballed the rest
I used hot glue to stick my segments together but glue stick would work if you don't mind holding them together a bit longer while they dry, or dry pegging them together. 
Tap off the excess glitter again once your stars are dry
Ta da! 
As for hanging you could glue on some string or twine loops to the tops or simply thread them through a length of tinsel or ribbon. Maybe even pop a little decoration hook through the top of one of the points?

Will you give these a go? If you do let me know! And if you enjoyed my post today I'd love it if you followed along with me via any of the social medias at the top of the page, via Google Followers, or subscribe via email to get my posts straight to your inbox! :-)

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