Saturday, 4 November 2017

DIY eyeshadow palette holder

To quote Bigweld from Robots "see a need, fill a need!" and I needed an eyeshadow palette storage solution. What I COULD have done was go to Kmart and find something cheap to do the trick but while looking at the box my Colourpop order came in that morning, and remembering my other makeup caddy is also made from a cardboard box, I thought I'd just make myself something. I already have paint, brushes, the lace, hot glue gun, so why not? All I did was cut off the lid and use it to make the dividers by cutting them to size and gluing the tabs inside the main box part. Then I painted the box in a few coats of pink acrylic, let it dry, and added the black lace with hot glue. Ta da! Does the job, just the right size since I don't have a very large palette collection (y so essspensive?!), and re-purposing the packaging. And here is the finished product :-)

What's in there? Well, from back to front I've got the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette (would LOVE the entire Zoeva palette collection and full brush set... when I win lotto), Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar which I thought was going to be a knockoff (as it was $8 on eBay) but turned out to be a legitimate one hugely discounted because of old packaging (you should have seen my happy dance when I realised... SUCH a good score. Around a $70 saving on that), the Yes, Please palette by Colourpop because it's a dupe for Natasha Denona's Sunset palette which I will never in my life lay my hands upon as it's CRAZY expensive. Then I've got the Colourpop My Little Pony palette which is absolutely divine... I've never rushed to purchase something that was restocked before but this time I did. Really wish this brand was readily available over here in Australia, the matte lip cream is bloody amazing. The pink and gold spotty one is the Jouer Springtime in Paris palette, next to that is the Sleek iDivine original, then the Ashley Tisdale x BH 'Illuminate Beach Goddess' palette which I found on sale, and last of all is a very shimmery metal e.l.f palette that the lovely {Whimsey Nessa} sent to me in a care package from the US this year. Aside from a handful of little essence, rimmel, and W7 quads of neutrals that's the extent of my collection. Oh how I'd love to add Marc Jacobs, or Stila, Natasha Denona, and so many others but that shit costs more than I spend on groceries in a week... and given I have about $5 between now and next Friday for a carton of milk I'd say they're a litttttle bit out of my reach. P.s damn you, electricity bill. Damn you indeed. 

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