Monday, 13 November 2017

Moon in Virgo tarot reading

Sometimes there are questions that only the tarot can answer. I've been carrying around in a knot in the chest for some time now and today I turned to the cards to help me find out why. While shuffling I simply asked to untie this knot I've been feeling, tell me what I need to know, give me some clarity. The three cards I pulled are Five of Fire, Eight of Air, Six of Fire. The progression from five to six is numerically significant, there is movement there. Elementally Earth between Fire makes for a high energy spread which fits in with how I've been feeling anxiety wise.
Five of Fire - Other people holding different goals and values, there's a disagreement on how to proceed. No one person came to mind when I saw that and I definitely feel the conflict is within myself and my priorities right now.
Eight of Air - I didn't consider this but I needn't stay feeling stuck and trapped if I don't want to, it just SEEMS like there isn't a way out. The advice this card gives me is to have more confidence in my abilities, see the truth in the situation, and move forward with faith. Well, THANK YOU! Confidence has been extremely lacking.
Six of Fire - Achievement and success, people thinking highly of me, good reputation. The result of having made good decisions and working hard; good news is coming. That's encouraging as fuck! It is all going to end well! There are some things I need to do first but it will get better.

To dissect the spread further I asked for the top three competing factors the Five of Fire indicated. The Hermit (tired of being alone, while also needing more alone time is what came to mind), The World (in the sense of being a competing goal I would say it's telling me I'm trying to reach a place of satisfaction, comfort, happiness), and Nine of Air (which is my theme card for this month) which initially I saw as waking from the nightmare but seeing this card appear again tells me that I still haven't done the thing I'm meant to have done. It's true I am expecting the worst, that may be because when I knew this card was my theme for this month I started to dread it, and rightly so! It isn't a pleasant card. There's another numerical progression here from the eight to the nine of air. It seems unfair to wake from the nightmare and break free of self-imprisonment only to then expect the absolute worst and feel trapped all over again. Like, come on!! The WORST pair of cards to get in the same reading in my opinion. Ugh. Because of this I asked for a clarification and I drew the Three of Earth. A little light bulb went *ping* because it just reaffirmed to me my total lack of confidence in my creative abilities lately, both literally (my hiatus from painting) and my ability to come up with creative solutions to problems I may be having.

I don't know if The World is a bad thing or a good thing. Typically it's a positive card of completion, being the final major arcana in the deck, but in answer to my question in the place of a competing goal or detail I'm unsure. I would think striving toward The World would be a positive, and maybe it is? Maybe I'm trying to go about it the wrong way, or at least not in the most effective way. Maybe I'm expecting 'The World'. A competing goal doesn't necessarily mean that the goals themselves are not right for me, it just means that it's not the focus and I'm not prioritizing.

The Hermit is definitely interesting to me and I'm not at all surprised to see it there. I'm simultaneously tired of being alone in one aspect (my dating life...good grief don't get me started), and needing more alone time from another (my day to day home life). It's also reminded me to reconnect to my spiritual side, that has been very much lacking in my life. I need to start carrying my crystals in my pocket and bra, setting intentions again, paying attention to the lunar phases, just bringing myself back to my center. If I were to check what zodiac the moon is currently in it would probable give me an 'ah ha' moment.. I'll be right back...
Ha! Yep. Virgo. From {}
Attention towards details is on the increase, with a tendency to fault-finding, cleanliness and neatness. It is a good time to undertake routine, painstaking work, and to search for and correct errors. 
That would be it!  Fault finding in my life and REALLY intolerant to mess and clutter at the moment. Everything feels like too much work lately, or maybe that's just because I'm burning out haha

What I got from all this is that I need a clearer plan of attack. A definite action plan, and to do some prioritizing. I also need to spend some introspective time thinking about what it is I truly want because I think I'm attracting the same things over and over because I expect them to happen. That needs to change. And I NEED creativity in my life. I have been doing the odd crafty thing, but watercolours are my passion and I haven't been devoting the time to that. It sparks a joy I can't find anywhere else! I'm lucky enough to know what that feels like so why waste the opportunity to nurture it? Now go stick some Tiger Ore in your bra, Tash, and have a little courage in yourself!

Edit: Whoops! The deck I'm using is Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot. I personally couldn't give two fucks about that woman or all the drama with her, but this was my first ever tarot deck and I trust it wholly.

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