Friday, 17 November 2017

Photo Friday

Today I took a photo every hour from when I woke up at 6am until 6pm in the evening, just for something different. So without further ado, on with the collage of our day! It's not very exciting I'm afraid, but it was our day nonetheless. All I did was set a timer on my phone for an hour then when it went off I snapped a pic of whatever it was I was doing at the time.

I thought I could make it a regular thing on a Friday starting today.

{6am}Wake up call from L who wanted to watch a show on my laptop in bed

{7am} Coffffeeeee

{8am} The kids made nests on the lounge because they get up too early

{9am}I took last weeks nail polish off and over about an hour reapplied a new colour. I've ruined my right hand already

{10am} At the Reject Shop looking for magnetic sheets for a project; blog post on that coming tomorrow!

{11am} Snack attack and a play at Maccas before walking home

{12pm} L is sticking Toy Story magnets to the fridge

{1pm} I de-potted a few shades of eye shadow

{2pm} A bit of photo editing

{3pm} Insert  brief nap here

{4pm} I fall off the front step and land on my ankle. It doesn't hurt too badly at the moment, just tender in places. I'll know what damage I did by later tonight

{5pm} It's that time of day... Witching Hour!!

{6pm} Looking out the window wondering if it will rain or not

DIY Blood Moon Lamp

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