Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Preparing for 2018 with DIY organisers!

Hello hello! Just jumping in quickly while I have 5 minutes and the boys are occupied (mostly) to catch you up on a project I've been working on... and before you say 'but next year is ages away' I'd like to remind you that it is now November. Fucking fuck that year went fast. Anyhoo, here's what I've been doing!

I dont tend to take my planner with me when I go out, I'll will have a smaller notebook or stick notes in bag for that so A4 size wont bother me. Leonie Dawson will not bringing out a planner next year *sniff* and I will also be broke (not unusual) so I was planning on just re using workbooks from last year for 2018. One thing I definitely noticed in this year's planner was the lack of space per day, and the minimal space in the extras for budgets, notes, to dos etc so i'll be including all those in mine. Initially I'd started drawing up the calendars myself in but after doing January and February I just downloaded pre-made ones and added little flourishes in Picmonkey, and changed the fonts. Another thing I enjoyed from the workbooks was the year ahead tarot reading and having the card for each month written out at the beginning of each month in my planner so I've popped that into my DIY version as well.  I'll do a big reading at beginning of 2018 for that, and speaking of which this month is eight of swords and I gotta be honest it's been there in my mind a lot lately worrying about it. Probably my LEAST favourite card in the deck. Gulp.

The photos I've included is what I have done so far, I'll update with another post once I've filled in the months. So far I'm up to March adding in the calendar weeks, hand drawing them in and using Washitape.
Cost wise I've spent about $5 on a second A4 notebook and glue sticks. One notebook I already had, it's from Typo, and the other was $3 from Big W. Scrapbook paper I already had, not sure how long the ink in the printer will last me, hopefully enough to do blog planner next which will be in a smaller A5 sized notebook.

Working on these has been between working on my blog which you may have noticed has changed in appearance! Some of the elements I've wanted for my blog for some time I've finally implemented and while it's still a work in progress I'm really really pleased with what I've managed to do with it so far on my own with the help of Mr Google. There really isn't much more to be aesthetically changed and now it's just a matter of cleaning up and organising. Slowly slowly :-)
Calendar printed from {Scattered Squirrel}

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