Sunday, 12 November 2017

Project Pan #1 November 2017

It's a well known fact that the more we practice something the better we get at it. I'd like to get better at doing my makeup and after watching a few Project Pan videos on Youtube lately I think I'm going to set aside some of my products to use in my own project. I'd like to improve my application skills and also my application speed which I think will come with gaining a bit more confidence in how I use it. At the moment I blend for so long it's probably unnecessary. I'd therefore like to start my own Project Pan this year (no point waiting til next year when I can just start now) using the products I've shown below. Every month I'll check back in with progress until I've used them up.
1 and 2. I've been double priming lately and I've found that has been helping everything to sit smoothly on my face, so two primers I'll be using are the e.l.f Poreless Face Primer and the BYS Foundation Primer 'Luminising'. The e.l.f primer is in a thick frosted bottle and I can't see through it with a torch at all so that one I will only know how much I've used once it's all gone. The BYS primer I've marked with a sharpie line and will measure again in a month.

3. The foundation I actually have two bottles of so I'd like to use up one of those and that is the Woolworths brand MUD Flawless Finish foundation in 02 soft beige. I do like this one, I'd say it's a light to medium coverage foundation but it does a nice job of evening out my skin tone and is very comfortable to wear. I don't find it greasy or sticky or anything and it wears well.

4. Next I'd like to use up the green and peach shades in my BYS Conceal and Correct palette. I've already hit pan on the peach shade and am close to hitting pan on the green. I don't have any use for the other four shades in that particular palette so I'll likely throw it away once I've used up the two.

5. Now contour is a thing I'd really like to get more confident with. I've been picking up tips and am enjoying using a contour powder. My goal is to hit pan on the cool shade in this MUD Defining Contour and Highlighting palette quad. I do actually use the two highlighters in this one and I like them both, they're very soft and subtle wet look glows. The bronzer is just a bit too warm for me but it's a great transition eye shadow. For now though I just want to hit pan and ideally then use up the contour.

6. For brows I've been loving the Inspiring L.A Girl Brow Kit in 'dark' brow powder. I actually prefer using the dark brown in this palette in my brows rather than black. You can see I've made a little dip in the pan. The other two shades I don't really use at all. You know what I'd love to do... I'd love to buy or make a Z-Palette and de-pot the shades I don't use from other palettes like this one and the contour palette and put them all together in the one spot for use as eye shadow. I'll keep an eye out for some Z-Palette dupe tutorials and see what I can do there. It can't be hard to line a slim container with a magnetic sheet.

7. A powder I'd like to totally use up is the Cover Girl loose powder in 110 translucent light. This powder is better than the Coty Airspun for the under eyes on me but I generally don't like it for two reasons. Firstly because it contains little specs of sparkles and I don't like that in a setting powder, and secondly because it claims to be light translucent but it actually quite pigmented. As for how it sits on my face I don't mind it, it does have that 'your mum's makeup bag' scent to it though. You know the smell I'm talking about, you'd recognise it in an instant.

8. I do have quite a few blushers and the majority are stick blushers. I have a feeling they are going to take a LONG time to use up but for now I'd like to focus on one powder blush and that is the L'Oreal Paris Le Blush in 90 Luminous Rose. Blush is going to be light highlight in that it will take ages to use up or at the very least ages to hit pan on. This particular powder is very stiff in the pan and very sparkly but I do like the shade of pink on my skin.

9. Highlight. Now I have a few highlighters but the one I've been using most lately is the Mermaid Salon Tokyo Lights palette and I've been loving this shade. It's kind of a pale copper but on my skin it's quite light. I feel because it's summer I can probably branch out of my comfort zone a little and start to use highlight on my body as well as my face. You really don't use much per application of these types of products and it kind of reminds you that you have too many to use in a life time. Unless I cover my body in it daily and glow, baby, glow, which I'm not totally against.Aim: hit pan on that shade!!

10. Bronzing is something I've only just started to do, I was scared of it to be honest. I'm learning how to apply it and the fear is slowly subsiding. By the time I get through this BH Floral Blush in Bahama Bronze I should be a pro! How pretty is it! I love the floral design, I'm sad I'm aiming to swirl it away into nothingness.

11. A lip product. I've chosen a gloss because it's comfortable, easy to reapply on the fly, and can be used over the top of other shades especially my mattes. I'm going to try and use up this Rimmel Stay Glossy in 260 My Eternity. I have three different shades of this gloss and I really like them! They're shiny, not sticky, layer up well, and the shades are nice and nude which is actually why I got them.

12. For concealer I've been enjoying this Rimmel Wake Me Up in very light/fair. It's nearly empty as you can see by this photo, I shone a torch from underneath and you can definitely see where the wand has been scraping the sides. It shouldn't take me too much longer to finish this one up.

13. This setting spray sucks. It smells WAY too strongly of 'cucumber', stings my eyelids a bit, and does a weird patchy thing on my skin. It's not my fave and it has to go! I'd like to use up my current sprays so I can put a good one on Afterpay like the Urban Decay All Nighter or the MAC Fix Plus.
I really hope this challenge encourages me to use my makeup more often and to explore application methods. I'm excited to get into it and see how I go! If you want to follow along on my Project Pan journey then be sure to subscribe to my blog via email or Google Follow, or check out my Twitter where I'll also be posting my #projectpan.

And before I go I just want to include this pumpkin watercolour. I actually haven't painted any watercolours in over two months now for various reasons and since I had today off I thought I'd just force myself to pick up a brush. I'm not happy with this at all but I really have missed it, I'll strive to dip my brush into paint again soon and rekindle that passion.


  1. Good luck on your project pan! I love the way you laid out this post, too. I'll be taking some pointers for my next one. I'm also about to look up "double priming." I've never even heard of that make up tip. :)

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment! :D
      Double priming has been an absolute life saver on my dry textured skin. I picked that tip up watching Hailey's Youtube channel 'Just Buy The Makeup'!


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