Sunday, 19 November 2017


Helllooo people of the internet! Today I bring you rainbows of awesomeness! Yesterday was a stressful day for me just in general, you know those days when you're just tense from the get-go? My plans got cancelled on Friday night (AGAIN, two weekends running.), the kids were just full on go go go, and I was in need of some serious chill. In {Not Beauty News} recently I saw that someone had uploaded the most incredible rainbow eye shadow look in honour of the stats being release that the majority of Australians want to allow same sex marriage (YAHOO) and I thought 'hey I wonder if I can do that'? My colours aren't as vivid as hers were, there are some seriously kickarse multicoloured jewel-toned palettes out there that I simply don't possess BUT I was able to find enough in my own collection to give this a shot!

The colours used are as follows: 
Spoiled (red) - Yes, Please by Colourpop 
Chauffeur (orange) - Yes, Please by Colourpop 
 Mischief (yellow) - Yes, Please by Colourpop 
E10 (green) - Sleek iDivine original 
Midnight (blue) - Springtime in Paris by Jouer 
Amethyst (purple) - Springtime in Paris by Jouer 
White - some shitty W7 quad I've had for ages 
Cool-toned Brown - A retired disused brow powder from a supposed 'dark' palette that I've given new life to as eye shadow. 
Lips are Australis 'Velourlips' matte lip creme in the shade 'Bae-Jing', with a Kmart brand gloss over the top (the Australis matte lip cremes are so damn uncomfortable on their own). You'll notice I changed from the red in the video to the pink for the photos above... I'm still mastering red. I haven't yet found something that I don't feel totally 'blegh' in. 
Music is by a talented friend of mine, and I've included the song names and where you can find them in the credits. Stay tuned til the end, I do a check-in video :-) I hope it isn't too boring for you! I just like filming the processes. Excuse all the dumb faces I pull and my eternal resting bitch face x 
P.s my eyeliner ain't straight, but then neither am I! 

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