Thursday, 16 November 2017

RawBeautyKristi's ABH Prism Palette Eye Shadow Look

In today's post I try to recreate an eye shadow look using shades already in my collection. The look I'll be trying out because I just ADORE the colours is the look {RawBeautyKristi} does in her review of the ABH Prism palette. I of course don't own that palette but I'm sure I have similar shades and can probably mix that green. The lashes won't be happening because my glasses prevent me from wearing anything too extravagant, and the astigmatism in my eyes makes fitting full strip lashes very difficult (but not impossible). I love that Kristi doesn't line her upper lid in this look and I feel that may work for me in that my eyes are extremely hooded and by the time I add liner I've covered from of my mobile lid. I tried my first ever concealer cut-crease earlier in the year and despite a little difficulty applying it in a clean-ish line I absolutely love the effect it gave! Funnily enough I never actually considered doing it to apply a brighter shade over the top of, which is very silly of me. And the white liner as a base for bottom lashes? Fucking brilliant!! I'll be trying that out, too.

I've made a video of myself applying this look to my eyes, and I'll be sure to include a few photos as well. My camera was having epic focusing issues *sigh* sorry!!  Primed eyelids with Milani Eyeshadow Primer in 01 Nude, set with Coty Airspun translucent powder, and cut with Boiing Industrial Strength Concealer by Benefit. I don't really enjoy this concealer, it's waxy and just shifts around in my opinion, and not particularly industrial strength. But I paid a lot for it back in June so I need to use it. I'm hoping it'll grow on me.

Every time I use blue and green on my skin tone I'm reminded how much I hate blue and green on my skin tone. But I gave it a shot! What do you think? I wore it to hang out the washing and cook the kid's dinner. #mumlife, right? ;)

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