Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tasha's Top 5 Favourite Christmas Card Tutorials

Helloooo again people of the blogosphere! How are we all? How are those Christmas plans coming long? Oh, mine? They aren't, really, but I hoped that this might kick start me into the Xmas spirit. What I have for you in this post is a roundup of the best 5 Youtube watercolour Christmas card tutorials that I've personally tried and tested! I'll list those below along with the examples of my own work I'm a fan of anything that looks effective and is fast so there isn't anything here that's too detailed or complicated. I was able to make these over two day's worth of child nap periods (which thankfully they both still do! Mumma needs her craft/reading/painting/alone/nap time)
You can make them all with:
  • watercolour paper of any weight (I'm using an A3 Arches 300gsm sheet torn down to smaller pieces)
  • watercolour paints (do the kids have a basic watercolour pan somewhere? They work!)
  • a black and/or white felt tip pen. If you don't have a white gel pen and want to add in any white, try using a white acrylic instead. 
  • handful of different sized brushes. You could probably do them all with one sized brush if that's what you've got on hand! I like my 16 round and a few of my smaller round tipped brushes (4 and 6) for all of these
  • You also don't need any particular kind of watercolour for these, I'm using Monte Marte squeezie tubes! 
  • Optional: use washi tape if you want a nice clean edge on your paintings. Alternatively just trim them afterward 
Let's get into it!

1. Easy Ornaments by Murielle 
Very simple but very beautiful! I added some white gel pen sparkles to mine for something extra
2. 5 DIY Watercolour Christmas Cards by Dream Believe Do Repeat. 
There are 5 super simple tutorials in this video! I've tried all of these, very beginner friendly!. Tip: for that wreath, don't draw individual leaves, simply touch the tip of your brush to the paper to create an instant leaf shape.How cute are those little sleepy birds in hats?!
3. The WashiTape Tree Method 
 This is so cool! All you do is mark out a triangle with washi tape, wet the paper, dab on your shades of green wherever you like so they bleed together (remember not to touch the paint to the paper too much or you'll muddy the colours), leave it dry, take off the tape and ta da! As you can see it's very similar to the handpainting method shown above, it's simply another way of doing things :-)
4. Watercolours - Easy Holiday Cards Painting Tutorial by Maria Raczynska 
This beautiful bluebird is the first of a few tutorials in this video but I've only tried the one. This is a time lapse tutorial and better for an intermediate skill level. I didn't have all the exact colours she lists, from what I can tell the 'neutral tint' is a sepia tone? If you've got a bit of experience you'll find this is very rewarding to paint.
5. Watercolor Tutorial - How To Paint A Christmas Night Landscape by ART TV by Fantasvale
This one is so easy and so beautiful! I really enjoyed this one. It's a good example of how simple techniques give gorgeous results.Wet onto wet painting is the best part of watercolour painting, I just love how the colours blur and bleed together to create something amazing. To paint the trees just flick your brush back and forth, try not to make it a solid block of colour. For the stars I dipped an old paintbrush in white acrylic and flicked it down... if you don't have an old toothbrush in your watercolours tools I highly recommend adding one!
What do you think? Will you give any of these a try? Which one is your favourite?

I've been deciding whether or not to put up a tutorial of my own on the blog, I was actually going to add it into this post today but I wanted to get this post up and published so here we are! I may still do that this week if I have time :-) I'd definitely like to!

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