Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Tidying up my yard

That's me! Hello! L took the photo for me from atop the slide, I love how B is just standing there, little tummy poking out hehe
Ok so my yard is a fucking mess. Not the grassy bit but the garden beds and surrounding and frankly it's driving me absolutely batty, today I decided was the day I did something about it! The kids and I spent the majority of yesterday outside ripping out weeds and filling the green bin. The Christmas decorations were still up under the BBQ area from last year too so I decided to pull all those down as well. True, I could have left them up for this Christmas but they were pretty spider-infested and sun damaged. Why were they still up? Because it just wasn't on my priority radar and you know how things just stay as they are sometimes because you're just used to it being that way? That's what happened.
It wasn't until recently that I had a flower garden put in to take care of, courtesy of my mum, and to be honest that motivated me to get in and do some tidying up in other areas of my yard. I even popped some sunflowers in and they've started to sprout, a boost to my gardening confidence! I just honestly thought it was never my thing and so I never tried!
Among the jobs that need doing are pulling out the old rotten wooden gate and putting the new one in, tackling the overgrowth around the shed and in the courtyard (there's an old truck tire in there I'd like to turn into a herb garden), going down the other side of the house and taking out the weed there, and lastly to build a new garden edge to put some veggies in. I had the kids start painting some rocks yesterday afternoon for that, I thought that would add some colour and get them involved :-)

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