Thursday, 2 November 2017

Us right now

I like these types of post because it acts like a diary entry and they're great to come back and read later on. I find it helps just stopping to take in the day otherwise we can get swept up in the ennui of it all, don't you agree? Especially as a stay at home mum my days do tend to blur into one another; people ask me what I'm doing on the weekend and I always think 'What weekend, I'm a single mum? It's the same as a weekday' That's a bit depressing isn't it? Neither of my boys have started school yet though so for now this is our reality, which I'm totally fine with of course, but as I mentioned... the days do tend to start melting into one another. So here I am sitting down while the boys nap and taking a little life screen shot!

The kids are currently: Napping! Well, one is. The other is just having a lie down quietly
Their favourite games at the moment: L is really into tying things together, and making patterns and shapes with his blocks and toys. B's favourite thing is just pushing around anything with wheels on any surface. His tractor races around on the kitchen cupboard, on me, on everything!
This morning we: watched a lot of Paw Patrol, played chasies, and filled up the green bin with weeds. The boys found A LOT of wriggly worms in the leaf pile out the back and had great fun trying to scoop them up and put them in the garden. B still calls them 'nakes (snakes).
What I'm listening to today: Decoder Ring! The Somersault album, it's beautiful.
What book is on my bedside table: The Mummy Bloggers (coincidentally!) by  Holly Wainwright. I saw it on a bookshelf at Big W a couple of weeks ago and though 'awww YES'.
Current creative project: Just working on my 2018 DIY planner. If you missed that post you can have a peek at it {HERE}
What are we doing later: Hopefully ducking over to put some swimmers and beach towels on lay-by for the boys for Christmas. L has been asking to go to the beach a lot recently, I'm not brave enough to take them both on my own but I'm sure we can find someone to take along with us as an extra pair of eyes and hands. Can I just say, too, that I'm really really starting to freaking out that it's fucking NOVEMBER!
And let's throw this in for *fun*
What have I done today: I was woken at 6 am by two little people bouncing on me as they usually do, it's currently 12.30pm and what I've done so far is...

tidied and vacuumed both B and L's rooms
changed L's bedding
put some toys the kids have outgrown on Buy/Swap/Sell
done 3 loads of washing, bought one load in and folded it (there's another basket by the door ready to go out as well sigh)
washed up what feels like fifty times but was probably only twice
had two coffees and a cup of tea. That counts!
weeded the back yard a bit with the kids
watered our flower garden with the kids
fed the kids
responded to the kids
disciplined the kids
wiped the kid's bums
hugged the kids
played with the kids
played with the neighbours cat (an essential part of our day)
gave the toilet a quick scrub
cleaned everyone's ears.

I think that's it. I also scribbled on some post-it notes, fed myself, etc. And yeah, that's us right now! What's 'you' right now? Let me know :-) Now I'm going to flop out and read for a little while and if I'm lucky, take a quick nap. That other basket of washing to hang out can wait til later.


  1. aww, I love that you added what you've done today to this list, because in twnety years time you will not remember any of it!

    1. It feels like i've been doing this job for a lifetime, it's hard to believe it's only four years! But on the other hand... I've been doing this for four years! I have a feeling I'll wonder where the time went in another four.


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