Thursday, 28 December 2017

Garden diary

Hello blog! Guess what? I got some seeds, some soil, and a tomato plant and I've been growing my own little kitchen garden! I started it about a week ago and so far my tomato plant has started to fruit, and my dill and basil have sprouted! I'm very excited about this, I'd always put gardening in the 'too hard' basket. But honestly why not try and grow my favourite herbs? I don't tend to buy them fresh because of the expense. And I ALWAYS have tomatoes in the fridge, homegrown are even better. Although keeping the hornets from destroying my plant will be a challenge, anyone got any tips for that?
My sunflowers are growing beautifully as well. I've staked one of them as it's getting quite tall now. Checking the undersides of leaves for caterpillars is becoming a morning routine, a friend told me leftover coffee pod granules sprinkled around the plant should deter bugs. Really hoping that does the trick. I'm still waiting on parsley to sprout, all the storms, cooler weather, and heavy rains kicked in not long after I planted them so they may just be reluctant. What they need is a few days of warmth.

And since the sun was finally out I figured I'd get all my makeup brushes washed and out to dry in the warmth.

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