Sunday, 31 December 2017

On the eve of 2018

Well here we are again, the last day of the year. I'm not entirely sure where 2017 went, has anyone checked behind the refrigerator? There may be a few missed months hiding back there. What a year it was!! Lots of endings, lots of new beginnings, lots of lessons. The biggest thing to come to a conclusion was the custody arrangements and court issues mid-year; I don't know that I feel at peace with that, but it is what it is, and I'm grateful for many things that came from it. Mental health wise it was a good year, I've definitely learnt that I'm more than capable of doing this on my own. Having our own place for a full 12 months has made a HUGE difference to our's been so easy to walk anywhere from here, and with the bus stop just out the front we have that option available at all times. The knowledge that family is so close when they're needed has been such a comfort and I really can't say how grateful I am to my father for dropping in a carton of milk occasionally, and being able to leave work and come to our rescue when the unexpected happens... such as L pushing his tooth back jumping on the lounge, and Bryce chipping his on the front step. My boys are certainly boisterous and always on the go!
Creatively this was an amazing year for loose watercolour painting, and I really want to extend a thank you to Andrew Geeson for the incredible free resources he provides for us. I'd never have been able to get loose without him and the gang!
My love life was a bit of a rollercoaster this year, I don't really know if you could call it a love life, but a rollercoaster it was! It's ok, you know? I feel like self confidence is so much higher after getting out there and meeting new people. I can't expect to find 'The One' in the first year out in the single world, I have a life ahead of me and who know what's in store for me! But I am thankfully for the people and experiences of 2017, as always they either bought a blessing or a lesson. And hey, I've picked up a few friends along the way and that's pretty great!
Parenting-wise I managed to accomplish a few things I'd set out to do this year, such as toilet training L, getting rid of his dummy, and night toilet training. L has spent an entire year at daycare which I'm really proud of, he's been loving it. B has moved from his cot to a big boy bed and they both share a room now which has made night times easier ten fold! Having one room to return all the toys to at the end of the day is awesome, too. Just close the door and voila! Heh heh
I've also had a number of amazing adventures this year; putt putt golfing, fine dining, a fabulous musical production, a handful of trips to the movies, the joy of delivery pizzas, coffee and play time during the week at Maccas playground, nighttime Kmart trips (Hey, they're fun ok? Don't you judge me). Looking back over my list something seem so average and every day, but I obviously wrote them down at the beginning of the year for a reason and it means something to me that I completed most of them. I know that this year I'll take a different approach to my 100 Things list, you'll see when I share that in a future post. There are things I definitely achieved this year that weren't on my list, overall though I think I should be proud of myself.

Here's my list from 2017! Complete with slober and scribbles from B. I've blocked a couple out for personal reasons, obviously there are things you don't need to (or want to) know.

Over the past couple of days I've been working on filling in my 2018 Life Workbook which I ended up getting a digital copy of from {Leonie Dawson}for $10. I'd forgotten I could get the digital version!! MUCH more affordable, and I'm so glad I was able to get it for the third year running. It really has been such an incredible positive and affirming thing to have throughout the year and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get their shit together and achieve the things they want!

Looking back over my blog posts it seems between 2014 and 2017 I only make 50-odd posts in a year, that works out to nearly one a week on average. I definitely want to up that number in 2018, and up the content, and the videos, and the updates, and the everything!! After all, one of the things on the list was to make that renewal fee worth it!

My tarot theme for next year is Death, and I'll talk about that in another post. I will do my year ahead reading over the next fortnight at some point and will blog that.

So here's to a new fantabulous year! Some kickass things happening in 2017, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of that in the new year.

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