Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Project Pan #2 - December

Hello hello and welcome to the second post in my Project Pan. Over the past month since starting this I've definitely learnt a few things about application, and also about the products I've been using. So let's just jump in and see what progress I've made over the past 4 weeks.

1. Primer - e.l.f Poreless Face Primer and BYS Luminizing Foundation Primer
I've been using mostly the poreless face primer but have been substituting in my Ordinary High Adherence Silicone primer here and there simply because that shit is good. I continued with the double priming for a few days but I've found as the weather is heating up it's just making my face too slippy for foundation to sit well on top of. I've also noticed that the BYS has a slight grit to it which I'm not enjoying.
Still have no idea how much is in here! Guess I just go til it's empty

2. Foundation - MUD Flawless Finish in soft beige. Still just chugging along with this one! I've made some good progress this month, and it's not a chore because I actually like this stuff. I've been applying it with the selfie-ready blurring foundation brush by e.l.f and really enjoying it. This is the first brush I've found that actually works with foundation, so I got two! Albeit I ordered two by accident but shush. The line has worn off but you can still kinda see where I started.

The level is below the product label now! Yay
3. Colour Correct - BYS Conceal and Correct. Hit pan on both shades! BOOM! I'm finding that using this stuff with a stippling brush is better than using fingers because it is rather waxy. I've started using one of the others shades on my darker purple areas too and it has been making a difference. I won't buy this palette again once it's finished.
4. Contour - MUD Defining Contour and Highlight. Truth be told I haven't been using this very often this month. I've been too lazy to contour AND bronze so I've been 'brontouring' instead. I'm finding this bronzer too reddish for my skin so I've actually been using W7 'The Bronzer'. Pretty good for $5! I'll continue to try and pan this one, though.
5. Brows - L.A Girl Inspiring Brow Kit. Still using it! Still love it. Still prefer powder over a pencil. This is gonna be harder to pan though since the great de-potting accident of last month. See what I mean? If you want to see the post where my brow powders got somewhat messy you can find that {HERE}
6. Powder - Covergirl Loose Powder in 110 Translucent Light. Truth be told I've not been using this very often. I'm struggling with the glittery-ness of it! And why are all Covergirl products that pinky brown tone?
7. Blush - L'Oreal Paris in 90 Luminous Rose. You know what? I don't actually like this shade after all. But I'm going to continue to pan it. It's just lighter than my natural flush and looks a bit odd with my medium coverage foundation.

8. Highlight - Mermaid Salon Tokyo Lights. Struggling!!! SO chunky and glittery after using the W7 Glocomotion (again... $5). But I've made a teeny tiny dent. If I do my face today I'll throw it on again. I don't know that I'll bother though because a) I'm super fucking tired b) the kids are super fucking tired c) I have a to do list longer than my arm.

9. Bronzer - BH Floral Blush in Bahama Bronze. It's a tad dark on me. How can I be fair with a yellowy pink olive-ish tan?! How the fuck is that even a thing? I can mix it with a bit of powder before applying it but I'm going to take it out of the project.

10. Lips - Rimmel Stay Glossy in 260 My Eternity. Yep.. I've forgotten to use most days but I've chucked it in my bag so maybe that will help?     

11. Concealer - Rimmel Wake Me Up in very fair/light. Still using it, still love it. There seems to be plenty in there still, I haven't started scraping the sides yet. It looks empty here with a torch shone under it but there's still enough in there for another month I think.
12. Setting Spray - Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day in Cucumber. I feel like I'm making good progress on this stuff. The smell is just so damn strong! 
 And I've also got some empties to include this month! Mostly hair stuff... I'm using up the random bits of shampoo and conditioner left in the cupboard right now so I've got a shampoo empty. I'd buy it again if it was on special, it smells really nice. Heat protect stuff I got for $3.95 or something like that a while back, I don't know that it really did anything. My hair is kinda dry anyway so it's hard to tell. The Argan Oil mask I'll get again if they still have it at the Reject Shop ($4, can't really complain about that). I was using it in lieu of conditioner once a week and I definitely noticed it helped with my dry as fuck hair. I don't even use heat on it that often, it's just naturally coarse. Can you believe I finished two lip balms down to the last little bit stuck in the plastic windy-thing before losing them?! I know, right?! I think between Lip Smackers and Chapstick the top pick trophy goes to Lip Smackers. Who doesn't love all those freaking awesome flavours?! I have a cotton candy one in my handbag at the moment and not gonna lie, it's delicious. And lastly the Ponds Professional day cream. If it comes up again at Cosmetic Capitol I'll be snaffling it up. By far the best moisturiser I've used on my skin, so damn light, and it's just brilliant. I use the Ponds night cream and it's just as brilliant. I'm using a Palmer's Cocoa Butter Eventone one now and while it is evening out my skin tone, the texture is not my favourite and it has a little sunscreen in it which my skin really does not like.

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