Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Franken-Foundation Update

Mmmm, my sexy oily face. So this is how my Franken-Foundation {see yesterday's post on that}wore over about 6 hours on a hot summer's day. Not well I think! The heat was probably a major contributing factor but I felt pretty greasy after the 2 hour mark and it had started to crease and break apart in places. I'm going to wear it again today after I write this up because I really feel bad about wasting it. Anything that will help me feel better about my shitty-arsed gross face right about now is a good thing.

Also here are all the ideas I've had buzzing around my head this morning, mostly so they're written down somewhere...preferably not spread over a thousand random post-it's as they currently are.

  • Finish cleaning out BBQ area
  • make crochet cacti in little pots
  • grab some mozzie coils
  • keep working on plarn rug
  • finish off the tarot pouch I found while cleaning 
  • yarn bomb my front fence
  • take a bag and gloves and clean up along Hasting's River Drive and along Findlay Ave. I'm sick of walking past all the shit people just leave there. 
  • get a tag engraved for Moira
  • finish the four half-completed crochet bunnies I found and put up for sale for Easter
  • layby Bryce's birthday present ASAP 
  • layby bras as I'm living in three, and two are the wrong size
  • layby an outdoor seating solution for the courtyard 
  • replace crummy old broken kitchen jug
  • replace smelly and crummy old lounge 
That's it I think... not including the list of 100 Things in 2018 I've been working through. Although at this rate it'll be 200 Things in 2018 because the Universe is being very generous in lending me a hand to achieve my goals so far! I'm utterly and completely grateful for that this year. I think I also have my yearly card, Death, to thank for that. No more hiding in my cocoon, time to evolve and grow into something brighter. 

Monday, 29 January 2018

Franken-foundation a la Safiya Nygaard

I don't know how much you know about me but I completely adore Safiya Nygaard. Her Youtube channel makes me happy on many levels (my semi-colon key appears to not be working, pretend there's one here) she's hilarious, informative, and very down to Earth. She does a series where she takes items of her makeup and mixes them together to see what the end result would be and I was totally inspired to try that myself using my foundation stash. I only really got into makeup probably a year and a half ago and along the way finding my foundation shade has been the bane of my makeup existence. As you can see in the photo below I have a number of what the US call 'drugstore' brands, 80% of which I got on Afterpay and heavily discounted via Cosmetic Capital. All of which are the wrong shades for me EXCEPT the Revlon one. I don't know exactly what I am but I know I don't have pink undertones and oxidization is real bitch to my skin. 
I do still use all of these in varying capacities... I may have to lighten them or mix some together a bit but I find a way to get use out of things I paid for. Quick note, that Eau De Teint formula is fucking great. SO damn light and comfy to wear... but wrong shades. If there were lighter ones I could get at the same discounted price, I would. Not til later in the year though, I'm on a tight no-buy at the moment and really do have more important things I need to take care of. I have enough to play with for now!
Pile 'O Gloop

With a spot over here, and a spot over there...with a lot of little spots everywhere, everywhere, it's a spotty kind of day

Blending with my cut in half Beauty Blender knock-off. It's funny because it blended out lighter than it initially appeared in dabs against my skin

Is it time for my close up?

So there we go! Not too bad I think. I applied it all by about midday and I'm writing this post up at 2pm. I'll wait til end-of-day to take a wear time photo and see how it held up to share here. I have stored the rest in an airtight container to use up, I didn't want to waste it! It feels pretty good on my skin despite it being stupidly hot and humid today in the middle of an Aussie Summer. Anyway I'll check back in and update you on the wearability of my franken-foundation in tomorrow's post. 

While I've got you here I want to give my thumbs down, for whatever it's worth, to these two things. The mascara doesn't do much for my lashes, make them spidery, the formula is flakey as fuck and it crumbles off as you apply and sticks to your face, the brush isn't great, and it transfers. 
The liquid liner formula is nice and matte BUT the foam tip applicator brush is terrible, applying it is difficult as it skips on my skin and isn't smooth. I also found it transfers to my upper lid quickly (I have hooded eyes), you can't go back over it when applying because it dries fast and flakes off, and it's easily smudged/flaked off during wear, especially if a bit of moisture gets on it. I thought they were both okay until I tried some other brands. Now I see how shitty these are, and they're both getting chucked out. Life's too short for crap liner and lashes!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Mice are Nice

This kind of mouse is really the best kind of mouse.... the crocheted variety! Ever since adopting our little lass, Moira, I've been hooking up a few things of a night in my spare time to donate to the animal welfare group I got her from. They gave me a small bag with a couple of toys and cat food in it when they brought her to my house, one of which was a little fabric mouse I'd seen in a pack at the Reject Shop. Being a government funded and charity based organisation I felt I wanted to do something to help out, and as I don't have the spare money to donate, or regular time to give to the organisation, I thought I'd crochet some toys for future adoption kitty bags. So far I have a variety of colourful mice, Moira tried, tested, and approved as a kitty play thing, and her all time favourite little ball on a string toys. Missy will be due for her remaining vet work and desexing next month so the plan is to keep adding to my donation pile until then to give back to them. I hope they'll be enjoyed by their new owners! Moira sure loves hers.

I actually found while sorting through the boxes in the garage a packet of toy rattle inserts, so I've popped those inside of a few. This has been a great way to get through my little scrapettes of yarn, too.
And while I'm here I want to share this neato project I started yesterday using plastic bags as yarn... cool, right? I've always wanted to try this out. Bit rough on the poor right hand middle finger though, with the 10mm and trying to work with plastic. Might need to pop a bandaid over it just to protect it next time I work on it. Now sure what it is? It's a crochet rug! Well, it will be ;) I thought the Bavarian Stitch/Catherine Wheel pattern was a yarn-eater... oh, no. This thing is. I've lost count of how many plastic bags have gone into it so far, I have plenty though and if it's an ongoing project then that's fine, too.

Right now I'm waiting for the Lifeline truck to pick up a HUGE pile of stuff cleared out from my garage yesterday, I have no idea when they're coming. It's meant to be today but who knows. I had around 3 hours of sleep last night so I'm the walking dead today. Oh! There they are. Literally just pulled up. Well, I'm off then! x

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Meet Moira

On Sunday afternoon we welcomed a new furry addition to our little family! I adopted this little miss from PMAWS, her name is Moira, and she's the sweetest little darling in the world.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Today's Retreat Day 5

The tranquility continues! Today is the day I:
Had ricotta ravioli for lunch at my favourite cafe
Started making a franken-candle with my old candles, those that have burnt down too far to stay alight anymore.
Had a cold glass of chardonnay (or two, or three, I'm on number two at the moment as I type)
Vacuumed my shag pile carpet. Not a euphemism... very much literal
Had a hair trim and thin to get rid of split ends and some of the weight

Mopped the kitchen floor
Found the mother of all coffee mugs and thus my quest to find a coffee bucket has been completed (unless I find a larger one...or start drinking coffee from an actual bucket)
Changed my ringtone from Daria to Monty Python's Flying Circus

...and after I hit publish here I shall make some more bath bombs *possibly* clean the shower if I have the energy and/or enthusiasm, Facetime my bean sprouts, and have leftover massaman curry for dinner later while chilling with a movie on the couch or even in bed! I really am having the best vay-cay at home :-)

Friday, 5 January 2018

Me-Time Day 4

Day 4 of my zen retreat and what have I done today? I started my morning with a bit of housework, paying some bills, doing the budget for the week, and having a chat on the phone to nanny. I then caught the bus into town to get some groceries for the next few days, post my letters, and some ingredients to make some bath bombs. I was lucky enough to have a quick coffee with my aunt before she started work this morning. When I got home an hour or so later I realised I'd forgotten half my bath bomb ingredients, and wine, so I caught the bus back into town and picked those up. McWilliams was on sale (WOOHOO). While in at the Reject Shop getting a glass jar I found a catch scratcher, some $2 ceramic kitty bowls, and a soft bed to put aside for my future cat this year so I picked those up, too. That may have been a mistake because it was quite a challenge to carry it all on the walk home but as always I managed :-)
Back home again and here I am relaxing with a movie, 'What A Way To Go', and having a coffee, then after I'll either make a start on those bath bombs or go have a dip in my luxurious inflatable kiddie pool in my yard hehe. It's a good enough size for me to lie in comfortably, and that's good enough for me! I thought perhaps my parents might drop in but I haven't heard anything so I'm not sure.

I must say, I've quite enjoyed not having to be in town these past few days and just doing my thing at home.I won't have any reason to go back in for the next few days and so I shall not! No photo in this post today because I really can't be bothered ;)

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Zen Week day 3

Hello hello, I'm back. It's day three of my at-home retreat and it's been bloody great! Today has given me the chance to wash the kids bedding, write a few letters to post tomorrow, make a phone call, water the herb garden, do some general tidying and other odd chores around the house, and generally just continue on with my no stress going with the flow do whatever tickles my fancy vibe. I battled with a little anxious thought that popped up this morning but I soon overcame that and carried on with chill-mode. I'm trying my hardest to be relaxed in the present, and not just avoid any and all thoughts of what needs to be done in future or being ignorant to what is going on right now. The key thing I'm working on is handling how I deal with those thoughts because I think that setting the right foundation for how I manage stress this year is going to be a huge weight off my shoulders. It's pleasantly reminding me why this week was so necessary, and I'm loving the opportunity. 
I'm writing this post early today because I may not feel like it later... despite all the vegging out I'm still not sleeping til past midnight and my body clock is still waking me up at 6.30am. The late nights are completely the fault of Markiplier's Youtube channel ;) 
Oh! I also painted some bees last night. And I intend to paint some more bees today! Other than that I don't know what else I'll do from here on in, but again, who cares! 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Tasha's Zen Week Day 2

Day two of peaceful bliss! What did I do today? Well, last night I finished off a giraffe and took his portrait, then listed him for sale on my local Buy Swap and Sell...no sale yet but I'm staying positive!
I have spent my day enjoying the glorious breeze flowing throughout my house with every door and window wide open and letting in both the cool air and the sunlight. I've caught up on a few Youtube videos, baked the gingerbread dough I had in the freezer and decorated the cookies, which I then ate for afternoon tea (not all of course). I've been studiously working on my 2018 Life Workbook and making good progress there, as well as laying out my year ahead tarot cards using The Cook's Tarot deck. Most of my afternoon was spent interpreting the cards and writing them into my diary for the year at the beginning of each month, I really only finished doing that about 5 minutes ago before jumping on here to write this. I'm really happy with my cards for this year! Really happy. There's an amazing cohesiveness to them all that seems to flow on together. I will do an in depth reading to that spread another day, right now I'm a bit drained from reading and writing about it all in my planner. 
Aside from those things I guess I just did some washing, watched a movie, and listened to some music. That's about it for my day, it's been lovely! I've said it before but I'll say it again, I am SO grateful to be living in this house. And also very grateful for my at-home retreat this week. 

I'll be back to chat again tomorrow most likely, I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow yet but who cares! I don't have to know what I'm doing... I'm just going with the flow :-)

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Tasha's At-Home Retreat

Today is the first day of Tasha's zen week...my 2018 retreat at home! My little bean sprouts have gone to visit their father and so I've decided to dedicate this week to myself. No pacing around the house wondering what to do and feeling guilty for not using my time productively, I plan to do whatever my soul needs this week from colouring in, to chilling with Netflix, to crochet, to painting, to taking my aunt's puppy for walk and beyond! This week I'm going to read tarot, complete my Life Workbook, go swimming if I feel like it, post some letters, do some gardening, play The Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon for hours guilt-free, create videos, play music, burn incense, watch movies, do some deep cleaning around the house, visit my parents, and generally vege out! Tonight is a supermoon and I intend to give all of my crystals and tarot decks a nice moonbath and saging, laying it all out on my kitchen table under the window.

 I'm not worried about what anyone else is doing this week, I'm tired of setting aside my time for other people only to be left waiting. This week is my week! :-)

Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 NYE and Glam AF

Hello blog-people! I didn't actually set out to make a post about this but I'm fucking proud of my efforts so it's going in. Behold! My 'I didn't go anywhere for NYE, I just stayed home and did my makeup and then made a video of the fireworks from my driveway' look. I was inspired by a {NikkieTutorials} video as part of her Winter Wonder Week. I followed the exact process she used for her shadow look, I just substituted the shades because I don't own the Juvvia's Place ones she has *sob sniff*. It's totally fine though, because I was able to pull it together using the Zoeva Cocoa Blend, Colourpop's My Little Pony palette, and a shimmery silver baked shadow by Elf. I picked up a few neato little tricks, and really just dived straight in past my 'Oh God No...that looks way too complicated and I can't do that' fear. I have zero idea how this would actually wear were I to leave the house in it... I imagine it'd all get pretty muddy and the undereye liner would eventually smear down my face a la lead singer of Good Charlotte. But for the purposes of putting it on and taking some photos it looks splendid. 

Music from No Copyright Sounds 'Electromania - Sky High'. Fireworks recorded from the comfort (minus the mosquitoes) of my own driveway! I edited out all the boring parts.. enjoy! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU FUCKING BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

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