Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 NYE and Glam AF

Hello blog-people! I didn't actually set out to make a post about this but I'm fucking proud of my efforts so it's going in. Behold! My 'I didn't go anywhere for NYE, I just stayed home and did my makeup and then made a video of the fireworks from my driveway' look. I was inspired by a {NikkieTutorials} video as part of her Winter Wonder Week. I followed the exact process she used for her shadow look, I just substituted the shades because I don't own the Juvvia's Place ones she has *sob sniff*. It's totally fine though, because I was able to pull it together using the Zoeva Cocoa Blend, Colourpop's My Little Pony palette, and a shimmery silver baked shadow by Elf. I picked up a few neato little tricks, and really just dived straight in past my 'Oh God No...that looks way too complicated and I can't do that' fear. I have zero idea how this would actually wear were I to leave the house in it... I imagine it'd all get pretty muddy and the undereye liner would eventually smear down my face a la lead singer of Good Charlotte. But for the purposes of putting it on and taking some photos it looks splendid. 

Music from No Copyright Sounds 'Electromania - Sky High'. Fireworks recorded from the comfort (minus the mosquitoes) of my own driveway! I edited out all the boring parts.. enjoy! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU FUCKING BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

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