Monday, 29 January 2018

Franken-foundation a la Safiya Nygaard

I don't know how much you know about me but I completely adore Safiya Nygaard. Her Youtube channel makes me happy on many levels (my semi-colon key appears to not be working, pretend there's one here) she's hilarious, informative, and very down to Earth. She does a series where she takes items of her makeup and mixes them together to see what the end result would be and I was totally inspired to try that myself using my foundation stash. I only really got into makeup probably a year and a half ago and along the way finding my foundation shade has been the bane of my makeup existence. As you can see in the photo below I have a number of what the US call 'drugstore' brands, 80% of which I got on Afterpay and heavily discounted via Cosmetic Capital. All of which are the wrong shades for me EXCEPT the Revlon one. I don't know exactly what I am but I know I don't have pink undertones and oxidization is real bitch to my skin. 
I do still use all of these in varying capacities... I may have to lighten them or mix some together a bit but I find a way to get use out of things I paid for. Quick note, that Eau De Teint formula is fucking great. SO damn light and comfy to wear... but wrong shades. If there were lighter ones I could get at the same discounted price, I would. Not til later in the year though, I'm on a tight no-buy at the moment and really do have more important things I need to take care of. I have enough to play with for now!
Pile 'O Gloop

With a spot over here, and a spot over there...with a lot of little spots everywhere, everywhere, it's a spotty kind of day

Blending with my cut in half Beauty Blender knock-off. It's funny because it blended out lighter than it initially appeared in dabs against my skin

Is it time for my close up?

So there we go! Not too bad I think. I applied it all by about midday and I'm writing this post up at 2pm. I'll wait til end-of-day to take a wear time photo and see how it held up to share here. I have stored the rest in an airtight container to use up, I didn't want to waste it! It feels pretty good on my skin despite it being stupidly hot and humid today in the middle of an Aussie Summer. Anyway I'll check back in and update you on the wearability of my franken-foundation in tomorrow's post. 

While I've got you here I want to give my thumbs down, for whatever it's worth, to these two things. The mascara doesn't do much for my lashes, make them spidery, the formula is flakey as fuck and it crumbles off as you apply and sticks to your face, the brush isn't great, and it transfers. 
The liquid liner formula is nice and matte BUT the foam tip applicator brush is terrible, applying it is difficult as it skips on my skin and isn't smooth. I also found it transfers to my upper lid quickly (I have hooded eyes), you can't go back over it when applying because it dries fast and flakes off, and it's easily smudged/flaked off during wear, especially if a bit of moisture gets on it. I thought they were both okay until I tried some other brands. Now I see how shitty these are, and they're both getting chucked out. Life's too short for crap liner and lashes!

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