Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Franken-Foundation Update

Mmmm, my sexy oily face. So this is how my Franken-Foundation {see yesterday's post on that}wore over about 6 hours on a hot summer's day. Not well I think! The heat was probably a major contributing factor but I felt pretty greasy after the 2 hour mark and it had started to crease and break apart in places. I'm going to wear it again today after I write this up because I really feel bad about wasting it. Anything that will help me feel better about my shitty-arsed gross face right about now is a good thing.

Also here are all the ideas I've had buzzing around my head this morning, mostly so they're written down somewhere...preferably not spread over a thousand random post-it's as they currently are.

  • Finish cleaning out BBQ area
  • make crochet cacti in little pots
  • grab some mozzie coils
  • keep working on plarn rug
  • finish off the tarot pouch I found while cleaning 
  • yarn bomb my front fence
  • take a bag and gloves and clean up along Hasting's River Drive and along Findlay Ave. I'm sick of walking past all the shit people just leave there. 
  • get a tag engraved for Moira
  • finish the four half-completed crochet bunnies I found and put up for sale for Easter
  • layby Bryce's birthday present ASAP 
  • layby bras as I'm living in three, and two are the wrong size
  • layby an outdoor seating solution for the courtyard 
  • replace crummy old broken kitchen jug
  • replace smelly and crummy old lounge 
That's it I think... not including the list of 100 Things in 2018 I've been working through. Although at this rate it'll be 200 Things in 2018 because the Universe is being very generous in lending me a hand to achieve my goals so far! I'm utterly and completely grateful for that this year. I think I also have my yearly card, Death, to thank for that. No more hiding in my cocoon, time to evolve and grow into something brighter. 

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