Friday, 5 January 2018

Me-Time Day 4

Day 4 of my zen retreat and what have I done today? I started my morning with a bit of housework, paying some bills, doing the budget for the week, and having a chat on the phone to nanny. I then caught the bus into town to get some groceries for the next few days, post my letters, and some ingredients to make some bath bombs. I was lucky enough to have a quick coffee with my aunt before she started work this morning. When I got home an hour or so later I realised I'd forgotten half my bath bomb ingredients, and wine, so I caught the bus back into town and picked those up. McWilliams was on sale (WOOHOO). While in at the Reject Shop getting a glass jar I found a catch scratcher, some $2 ceramic kitty bowls, and a soft bed to put aside for my future cat this year so I picked those up, too. That may have been a mistake because it was quite a challenge to carry it all on the walk home but as always I managed :-)
Back home again and here I am relaxing with a movie, 'What A Way To Go', and having a coffee, then after I'll either make a start on those bath bombs or go have a dip in my luxurious inflatable kiddie pool in my yard hehe. It's a good enough size for me to lie in comfortably, and that's good enough for me! I thought perhaps my parents might drop in but I haven't heard anything so I'm not sure.

I must say, I've quite enjoyed not having to be in town these past few days and just doing my thing at home.I won't have any reason to go back in for the next few days and so I shall not! No photo in this post today because I really can't be bothered ;)

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