Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Mice are Nice

This kind of mouse is really the best kind of mouse.... the crocheted variety! Ever since adopting our little lass, Moira, I've been hooking up a few things of a night in my spare time to donate to the animal welfare group I got her from. They gave me a small bag with a couple of toys and cat food in it when they brought her to my house, one of which was a little fabric mouse I'd seen in a pack at the Reject Shop. Being a government funded and charity based organisation I felt I wanted to do something to help out, and as I don't have the spare money to donate, or regular time to give to the organisation, I thought I'd crochet some toys for future adoption kitty bags. So far I have a variety of colourful mice, Moira tried, tested, and approved as a kitty play thing, and her all time favourite little ball on a string toys. Missy will be due for her remaining vet work and desexing next month so the plan is to keep adding to my donation pile until then to give back to them. I hope they'll be enjoyed by their new owners! Moira sure loves hers.

I actually found while sorting through the boxes in the garage a packet of toy rattle inserts, so I've popped those inside of a few. This has been a great way to get through my little scrapettes of yarn, too.
And while I'm here I want to share this neato project I started yesterday using plastic bags as yarn... cool, right? I've always wanted to try this out. Bit rough on the poor right hand middle finger though, with the 10mm and trying to work with plastic. Might need to pop a bandaid over it just to protect it next time I work on it. Now sure what it is? It's a crochet rug! Well, it will be ;) I thought the Bavarian Stitch/Catherine Wheel pattern was a yarn-eater... oh, no. This thing is. I've lost count of how many plastic bags have gone into it so far, I have plenty though and if it's an ongoing project then that's fine, too.

Right now I'm waiting for the Lifeline truck to pick up a HUGE pile of stuff cleared out from my garage yesterday, I have no idea when they're coming. It's meant to be today but who knows. I had around 3 hours of sleep last night so I'm the walking dead today. Oh! There they are. Literally just pulled up. Well, I'm off then! x

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