Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Tasha's At-Home Retreat

Today is the first day of Tasha's zen week...my 2018 retreat at home! My little bean sprouts have gone to visit their father and so I've decided to dedicate this week to myself. No pacing around the house wondering what to do and feeling guilty for not using my time productively, I plan to do whatever my soul needs this week from colouring in, to chilling with Netflix, to crochet, to painting, to taking my aunt's puppy for walk and beyond! This week I'm going to read tarot, complete my Life Workbook, go swimming if I feel like it, post some letters, do some gardening, play The Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon for hours guilt-free, create videos, play music, burn incense, watch movies, do some deep cleaning around the house, visit my parents, and generally vege out! Tonight is a supermoon and I intend to give all of my crystals and tarot decks a nice moonbath and saging, laying it all out on my kitchen table under the window.

 I'm not worried about what anyone else is doing this week, I'm tired of setting aside my time for other people only to be left waiting. This week is my week! :-)

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